SC: Guilty Plea in Dog Dragging Case

A SC man, William Jefferson, says he tied his Rottweiler mix to the trunk of his sedan with a six foot leash and placed the dog inside the open trunk.  As Bud was unaccustomed to this method of transport and, I presume, the trunk lid would have been moving up and down in a frightening way, Bud jumped out and was dragged for a mile.  Police followed a trail of blood to the scene and found Bud alive but with his paws, belly and groin torn open.  Mr. Jefferson’s daughter told police at the scene that her father had been angry with Bud that morning.

Bud has been placed with another family.  Mr. Jefferson has two other dogs – one will be placed with his daughter who lives less than a half mile from him and he is hoping to keep the remaining dog.  That decision, along with whether he will be allowed to have additional pets in future, has yet to be made.  Mr. Jefferson was sentenced to probation and psychiatric evaluations.

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