Treats on the Internets

Pricey “shelter evaluation” by HSUS receives a less than glowing review in WI


What difference can one company make with regard to a charitable donation directly to a shelter?  Ask House of Mews in Memphis.


CA:  Butte County grand jury recommends the Butte Humane Society’s “appalling” facility be replaced.  Speaking of appalling:

[Shelter director Christine] Fixico said the facility receives about 6,300 animals per year. Its policy is to only euthanize animals on the basis of health or temperament. In the 2008-09 fiscal year the facility still had more than 1,800 animals to house after the others were put to death.


Michael Vick had a birthday party this week in Virginia Beach and someone got shot outside:

“The reports that say someone was shot at his party are not correct. The shooting occurred outside the place,” said Lawrence H. Woodward Jr., Michael Vick’s attorney. “Mike is not involved in any way. Michael left somewhere around 2 a.m.”

According to police, the shooting occurred at 2:10 a.m.

He’s squeaky clean.  There is a vast gap of “somewhere around” minutes between him leaving and a guy getting shot.  And that was outside the party, not inside.  Totally in the clear there.  P.S. – Don’t forget to bring the kiddies to Vick’s next HSUS youth intervention event.


Bloat survey requesting responses from breeders who have had a dog bloat and those who haven’t


FL outlaws Burmese pythons as pets, current owners grandfathered in


Pork industry aims to shut down unicorn meat industry

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  1. Generally terms of parole prohibit people from associating with their former partners in a criminal enterprise.



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