No Room at the Inn – Except Over Here, and There…

A Tennessee TV news reporter discovers the hideous truth about local shelters:

More than five thousand five hundred animals are put down every year in Bradley County.  It’s a problem that animal control says can’t be avoided.  Animal Control Director Gene Smith says there’s simply not enough room for the dogs and cats like these that are brought in.

The Bradley Co shelter has a 76% kill rate according to the report.

Director Gene Smith doesn’t deny the fact that healthy dogs and cats get the fatal injection every day.  He says it’s simple a matter of overcrowding.  […]  “Pretty much always full, but there will be some times when a cage is empty because there are times when they have put down an animal that morning, but at the end of the day you will walk through and see full cages.”

But we did find some empty cages this afternoon.  [Rescuer Betti] Gravelle questions why some are put down simply in anticipation of what could be brought in that day.  “When I go in there and see an empty kennel I know an animal died that could be there and could have had one more day, just one more day, could have been adopted.”

If you’re killing thousands of friendly pets and blaming it on “overcrowding”, how is leaving some cages empty not a glaring, scramble-the fighter-jets indicator that you suck at your public service job?  Why are people like this not terrified of the media exposing them for the cruel, killing machines that they are?  Aren’t they worried that taxpayers will gather in the night with pitchforks and torches demanding widespread reform along with the director’s head on a platter?  Oh, wait – it’s just animals.

Video of the report here.

3 thoughts on “No Room at the Inn – Except Over Here, and There…

  1. But, is it just animals? Don’t we do somewhat similar things in how we treat people? As all resources are limited, IMHO we need to realize this “…just one more day.” attitude is a black-and-white approach that does little. It we can’t save them all, then let us organize to save those we can, and increase that over time.

    I’ve been following a mailing list that advertises animals about to be put down. Shelters and rescues respond when possible and transportation is arranged. New rescues that come in are vetted by other members to see if they’re any good. The main problem is publicity and organization. If, instead of small splinter groups, we were able to organize regional and state groups dedicated to this effort (and not just the publicity and money making of HSUS and such), we’d be doing a much better job of doing what can be done.

    If we could keep the rescues from arguing with each other, a large enough group would have a louder public voice, and perhaps be able to influence the Bradley AC and others. Some of this is also being done via the Best Friends Network in each state. While there are issues with Best Friends, these network groups are somewhat independent.

    Unfortunately, this would need the resources of HSUS, BFAS, PETA and others. Now, if we could just redirect their efforts…

    1. I find those lists are rather limited in their usefulness. They are full of DNA notices on individuals and groups (I hate those things) and every single poster seems to conform to some mystery netiquette standard which employs all caps and hyperbole to the point where the subject lines become useless. Without the ability to browse subject lines for basic info (location and breed at least), you have to read each individual message which is simply too time consuming.

      For example, if I saw 25 messages w/subject lines that looked like this:
      SC, Beagle mix, F/S, need temp foster
      I’d easily be able to scroll through and see where I might be able to help.

      Instead I see long lists of subject lines like this:

  2. I agree. This particular list is managed by one person who’s coordinating many of the efforts. He owns a profitable company and directly donates to shelters in need. I’m just tossing around if there’s any way to develop a better vehicle.

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