Treats on the Internets

Nathan Winograd writes about NYC Animal Care and Control:

New York City is killing healthy animals, turning away rescue groups, running out of food to feed the animals, refusing to give pain medications to injured animals, and is doing construction during the height of the busy summer season, causing them to kill even more.

Horse trainer Pat Parelli (named Humane Horseman of the Year by HSUS) demonstrates his techniques in England

The 30 former medical lab Beagles at St. Hubert’s in NJ go home

Brand new animal shelter opens in Lee Co, GA – watch the video to see how clean the place looks and how happy the dogs seem!

An ACO in TX shot an animal described as acting like a pet dog – apparently because he was ugly.  Or might have supernatural powers.

I assume that Kristen Stewart’s announcement that she has a “wolf pack” at home will influence more people to buy wolf hybrids as pets.  Oh yay.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Summer safety tips for da kittehs from the Cranky Vet

7 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. That Chupacabra story is an example of pure idiocy.
    ‘Oooh, never quite seen an animal look like this before…oh wait yes we have…it appears friendly…KILL IT!! Kill them all!! I’m afrrraaaiiid!!’
    Then hold it up proudly like a piece of trash and smile as you demonstrate your fine tuned shoot first ask questions later ability. Jeez.

  2. that poor animal in texas – maybe we should be allowed to shoot ugly people like that poor excuse for an ACO that shot an obviously NON-aggressive dog for being less than pretty.

    and damn Kristin Stewart – these so-called “stars” have a lot to answer for. first bloody paris with her “dogs as accessories” and there are so many others whose moment of fame are spurs to other stupid people,

  3. Ugh, Parelli. Most of his “program” is a gimmick to sell tapes and equipment – and yes, I have completed Level 1. That being said, his “program” doesn’t advocate the actions he’s shown performing on that boy. However, natural horsemanship, which is what he supposedly advocates, is certainly ten steps in the right direction.

  4. A criminally stupid ACO shoots a dog who likely has mange or a severe flea allergy, and gets to joke about it on TV news while the reporter plays into some myth about chupacabras and also treats it as a joke rather than stating the obvious–the dipshit killed a dog that needed medical attention. They should both be fired.

    1. I think a lot of folks would be much more understanding had they said something like “The animal was frothing at the mouth and behaving strangely and then he ran towards me and I had no way to get away” instead of “he acted like the neighbor’s dog”.

  5. I’ve forwarded the story to my vet…dog looks just like a dog she rescued years back. Sweet guy. Bad skin condition. The guy who relinquished the dog has had several with similar bad skin conditions. Animal Control wants to kill them all. The guy doesn’t have a lot of money, but my vet helps treat them for cheap.
    What about the people who are angry because they might could have won an ugly dog contest with that poor creature?
    Ownership is such a weird thing. But it sure beats the alternative.

  6. Read Nathan Winograd’s post re: NYC – God-awful politics again – and the animals always pay – used to think NYC was so with it and progressive – sure was wrong. Dead wrong.

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