Update on TX ACO Puppy Killing Case

In February, an ACO in Galena Park, TX was accused of taking a puppy from a family’s fenced yard, shooting him and throwing the body into a trash bin.  I wondered at the time what possible explanation there could be for this cruel act.  The ACO has now pleaded guilty in court to animal cruelty for taking the pup to the city dump and killing him.  His lawyer offered this “explanation”:

[Juan Enrique] Hernandez’s attorney Enrique Gomez, said his client, a U.S. Army veteran who fought in Afghanistan, thought the German Shepherd mix had parvo, a disease that spreads from dog to dog.

As I noted in my original post, Mr. Hernandez doesn’t have any pets.  As such, I’m not sure what experience he was relying upon to make this eyeball diagnosis of parvo or why he decided the family would want him to steal the pup and shoot him to death in lieu of treatment.

At any rate, the petless Mr. Hernandez has been ordered not to work with or own pets for 3 years while he’s on probation.  As long as he stays out of trouble, the record of his cruelty conviction will be wiped clean – or at least taken to the dump and stuck in a trash bin.

6 thoughts on “Update on TX ACO Puppy Killing Case

  1. “…Hernandez has been ordered not to work with or own pets for 3 years while he’s on probation…”

    I wish this was typical in all area’s across the U.S.

    However, for a crime as heinous as Hernandez’s, I don’t think he should EVER have his record ‘wiped clean’. In fact, IF that was to be an option, he should have had to complete some form of therapy IMHO.

      1. Noted. I just don’t like to ‘assume’ anything. Logically an eval would surely lead to therapy if the need is determined through the eval. But LOGIC sometimes escapes the justice system….

        BTW – I’m enjoying your posts, have only been here (regularly) for a few weeks! :-)

  2. The record should never be wiped clean. Clearly, this man NEEDS therapy so the court is greatly remiss if this was not ordered. Three years will not mean anything without an evaluation from ongoing therapy.

  3. One of the benefits of the internet age is that “wiped clean” only goes so far.

    As long as people keep websites and blogs up and NAME NAMES, google will out.

    Just ask Wolfgang Werle.

    Women change names easily, so it’s important that someone get a bug up their butt and keep up with those name morphs for abusers, frauds, etc.

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