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Sad story and photos of a Brittany dumped in a field near the shelter in Belchertown, MA:

She has almost no hair, large tumors on her mammary glands, and hardly any teeth.  There was puss seeping out of the gaping holes in her mouth.


Turns out Brit had another ailment, too, a heart murmur.  It was so bad that she had to be euthanized.


Calls to Metro Animal Services in Nashville, TN about animals in danger sometimes take hours or days to get a response:

The Metro agency is currently down three officers, almost half of its entire force.

Isn’t anyone in TN looking for a job?


A 24 year old NC man allegedly tried to burn his 9 week Pitbull puppy alive.  The wife told investigators “that her husband tried to set the dog on fire because he was tired of caring for the animal.”  Since the pup is only 9 weeks old, how long could they have had him  – a week?  Two?  How long exactly was the guy prepared to take care of the dog when he got him – a day?  Two?


Four adult dogs and six puppies were removed from a NY home in May when an animal cruelty investigation began.  Two men have now been “charged with misdemeanors under state Agriculture and Markets law, for failure to provide proper sustenance to an animal”.  If you want specifics on “sustenance” in NY, that would be:

One dog was found with its leg severed and bone protruding, facing a serious infection, officials said.
They said another dog was found emaciated, and the remains of a decomposed puppy were found in the yard.



A couple follow-ups:

NC no kill shelter missed the state imposed deadline to reduce its dog population by half

The 261 dogs seized in May from a Polk Co, FL rescue remain in legal limbo at the shelter.  The owners have entered not guilty pleas and a hearing on custody of the dogs is set for August 17.

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