Gulf Coast Pets

Randi Kaye of CNN did some excellent reporting on Anderson Cooper’s show last week on pets surrendered to Gulf Coast shelters due to the BP oil spill.  She was on site (at the LA SPCA), he was not, but they both held critters during the piece and I remember Randi snuggling hers and Anderson kissing his.  The shelter did a good job with presentation – cages were clean and well lit, pets were clean and had on brightly colored collars, bandannas, etc.

They did a follow up piece as well and apparently many viewers had called in to inquire about adopting the pets featured in the original story.  Rescue groups are working to coordinate transport to other areas where the pets would have better chances of adoption.  And the LA SPCA has implemented a program to help impacted owners keep their pets – donate, if you can:

If you would like to contribute by check, please make check payable to LA/SPCA (Disaster Relief) and mail to:  1700 Mardi Gras Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70114

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