La Bella Vita

In loving tribute...

The owners and friends of Bella, the Pitbull shot to death by a lazy ACO in Cabarrus Co, NC, originally organized in an effort to seek justice for the dog.  Now, they want justice for all dogs in Cabarrus County’s animal control shelters:

“What we found out was very disturbing,” Jeff Daniels [Bella’s owner] told WBTV.   “We’re killing 80% of the animals that walk through the doors.”


“They kill hundreds of animals every week, by the gas chamber no less, yet the doors are not open to the public from our own animal shelter or local rescue groups,” Daniels added.

Mr. Daniels and dozens of supporters attended a Cabarrus Co Commission meeting this week to demand change.  The Commission agreed to look into the possibility of having a no kill shelter.

Check out the group’s most excellent website and offer support, if you can.

3 thoughts on “La Bella Vita

  1. I’ve talked to the owner of Bella when this first all came about via email and have been following their facebook page. Their transition from horror, sadness and anger over her death to the goal for a better life for ALL dogs has been an inspiring journey.
    Justice for Bella is a cause well worth investigating and supporting.

  2. What Bella’s owners and friends did after her death is a provocative example of citizens empowering themselves and creating meaningful change. It’s amazing how a bit of tenacity can go a long way.

  3. I sent Jeff an email just now offering condolences and anything on my site he can use. I did ask myself what I would have done if it had been my dog who was shot by some cowardly idiot. I’m sure I would have ended up in jail. (Not to imply that Jeff should have reacted with violence, of course).

    I do hope that some genuine good comes from this tragedy. It breaks my heart that it happened at all.

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