Treats on the Internets

A NJ woman brought a homeless mama cat and kittens to a shelter but after the mama cat tested positive for FIV, the shelter decided to kill all of them.  The lady said she’d take the family back but the shelter refused.  She then contacted Pets Alive in NY for help.  They also offered to take the cats but again, the shelter refused.

Don’t dumbasses have anything better to do in SC than vandalize the local cat shelter?

NV man allegedly running an internet scam targeting owners of lost pets

NY dog alerts family to burning home, saving their lives.  Sadly, the dog didn’t make it out.  (Thanks Susan.)

Article in USA TodayWhy pets are good for us

AKC voices concerns about the PUPS bill currently in Congress

If you’re a food wonk like me, you’ve probably noticed that HSUS is again pushing its vegan-ish dog food called “Humane Choice”.  Seems like a good time to revisit Mary Straus’ review of the product.  (Via Humane Watch)

Study done by Stanford University suggests high yield farming is better for the planet in some ways

Floridians:  Don’t forget to keep your muntjac on a leash – it’s the law.

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  1. Houndward Bound

     /  July 28, 2010

    Hahahaha industrial farming is better for the planet. Nicely played Stanford. Be selective enough in your study and you can spin ‘science’ any way you want it. Ridiculous.

    • I have no doubt that any study could support any conclusion. Thus, I don’t get too excited about studies like I usta.



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