Follow Up: Miami Police Officer Trial

Sgt. Allen Cockfield, who reportedly strung his police dog Duke up by a choke chain and kicked him to death, was acquitted by a jury today.  He had faced a felony charge of killing a police dog as well as an animal cruelty misdemeanor.  The judge tossed out the felony charge – something to do with a failure to prove intent.  The jury only considered the cruelty charge and returned a not guilty verdict.

Mr. Cockfield’s lawyer described Duke’s death as a “freak training accident”.  There is definitely a freak involved here but there is no accident.

14 thoughts on “Follow Up: Miami Police Officer Trial

  1. This is WRONG! Do the animals have NO recourse? What can we do? Hearing stuff like this just makes me want to A-Quit the whole dang world.

  2. What? Stringing a dog up and kicking it is a ‘freak training acciden’? Wtf exactly does this judge think dog training entails?

  3. tis a case of “protecting their own”.. Nazis who trained dogs were routinely asked to kill them after spending time training them to see if they soldiers (SS) were faithfuls to the Reich.. maybe that is what this guy was doing… this is one case where the judge should make sure he never has anymore contact with any animals.. especially dogs .. but my guess is he will still be “training”.. sad huh??

  4. Just today, in Catoosa Oklahoma, a dumb redneck cop killed a dog who had gotten out of the yard.

    Just like the pieces of sh*t cops during Hurricane Katrina,who killed numerous cats and dogs who WERE NOT HARMING ANYONE, some of cops are simply trigger happy morons. This is not to say that all cops are this way. Many cops and firefighters have been heroic in rescuing cats and dogs.

    I mean, cant they taser the animal, if he/she charge’s them or if they “perceive” danger. The “perception” of a low IQ’d trigger happy guy isnt a justifiable excuse to murder an animal.

    That allows them to shoot anyone, and say “I perceived” danger, and get off, free.

    Anyone see “Magnum Force”?

    It’s very easy for police to become corrupt.
    , or to abuse power and use the system to get away with it.

  5. This is just SWEET, it’s okay to kill ur K-9 Dog,
    just ask the Judge $$$$, Probably the same for the
    a**hole at Conklin Dairy, “Gregg” that beat baby cows
    (newborns) in the head so many times they couldn’t move,Wire Full grown Cows nose to metal pole and beat with a crow bar until this large animal falls to its knees, twist there tails until they snap in two or three places, Everyone out there, u speak of abuse, this is a must see video if u can take it.His date is August 16th, can’t wait to see if he becomes a police officer himself SICK O”
    set for August 16th, can’t wait to hear about his charge.

  6. I can only imagine that they stocked the jury with people who either hate dogs or feel that hanging a dog from a choke chain and kicking him is an appropriate correction.

    It’s truly appalling. Now this miscreant, this murderer, will likely get his job back and tax-payer funded pension.

  7. This goes on in the vast majority of K9 units. And in trying to get it exposed, I have had quite an education in how far the cover-ups extend. “Smart Dogs” is right in that it doesn’t really have much, if anything to do with training. It is a very sick mentality. At the department where I worked, they bragged, joked, and laughed about torturing their dogs behind the scenes (while in public, they call them their “partners,” and say things like “I love him like a son”). They nicknamed our K9 unit “The Hang ‘Em High Club.”

  8. It’s time to take animal rights and welfare seriously. Time for a new regime of moral and ethical responsibility, wisdom, humanity, compassion, and JUSTICE. This decision is wasting more taxpayers money on injustice. Foolishly disgusting …. an utter disgrace. No words strong enough.

  9. But if a Vivian kills one of the dogs an officer sics on someone they can get 50 years?

    1. That’s the perverted double standard. YOU are not allowed to protect yourself from a K9 being sicc’d on you. In fact, I saw one report where a man was charged just for closing a door between him and the dog to avoid getting bit (and he didn’t harm the dog in doing so). But the K9 handlers themselves continue to get away with horrifically torturing their K9 “partners” behind the scenes, and even when somebody reports it and documentation is provided, they STILL manipulate the system and use their power, and are never held accountable.

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