More on GA Dog Dragging Case

John L. McKinley, charged with cruelty after allegedly dragging his dog Choker behind his truck in GA, is set to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Thursday, August 5 in Clayton Co.

Choker was taken away from Mr. McKinley along with two other dogs he had at home.  One dog was a Pitbull and was actually owned by a neighbor who had been looking for the dog ever since he went “missing”.  The other dog was a Pug mix that authorities decided was too ill to live and was euthanized.  The Pitbull was returned to the rightful owner.

2 thoughts on “More on GA Dog Dragging Case

  1. You never know what kind of “authorities” you have. Did they kill the pug because it was really that sick or did they kill it because they didn’t want to care for it?

    Two unpleasant and destructive realities mate and the offspring is? Just as likely they’re not punishing McKinley but recruiting him.

    1. Tom’s reply reminds me of Joe Btfsplk (Li’l Abner). While there are many bad things happening, that dark cloud is not everywhere. Occasionally, sometimes by accident, good things do happen…

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