So I’m asleep in bed this morning and Billy comes in saying “I was petting that dog.  She came right up to me.  Oh I got some video of her too.”


Billy is the one in this family that has “a way with dogs”.  I am not so lucky but I am sometimes lucky enough to be able to ride on his coattails.  I threw on some clothes, grabbed a bag of chicken wings (I need all the help I can get) and went outside.  Sure enough, I too got in on the cuddling action.  [Note:  Scout likes to give full body hugs and lots of kisses.]

Seeing her up close for the first time, she was much smaller than we had thought.  I had always figured her to be maybe a retriever bitch size but in fact, she’s more like a genuine LBD (Little Brown Dog).  Even taking into consideration that she’s out of coat and underweight, she’s still much smaller than I thought.

One bag of chicken wings later, Scout now has Frontline on board (she’s got a few engorged ticks on her at the moment) and most importantly, I think she knows she’s got friends across the street.  I guess I can take away my stalking chair set up behind the bush.

Here are some stills from the two vids Billy got of Scout (she’s eating some RMBs).

P.S.:  I’m so happy!

19 thoughts on “Scupdate

  1. Oh she is adorable. Were her pups around? My daughter has a way with animals, also. I am so glad you are trying to take care of her. Shirley, you are da best!

    1. Billy saw the pups while I was still asleep. He said she herded them back into the brush before coming over to eat. He thought he counted 6. I’m certain there were 7 when I saw them last weekend.

  2. Keep up the great work guys and in know time she will completely trust you. You’ll have a new edition to the family. This is awesome :)

  3. We’re rooting for this little family out here in California. I hope something can be arranged that she and her pups can be brought somewhere safer.

  4. You’re on your way! Congratulations. Oh this is wonderful. Thank you for helping, and THANK YOU for sharing. It makes my heart sing.
    Love makes the world go round…

  5. See what patience, love, and a bag of chicken wings will do?! You’re amazing, Shirley. I know you can get the whole family together safely.

  6. I appreciate the kind words but all the credit goes to Scout. It’s true, I make a mean raw chicken wing, but she is the one who ultimately trusted, despite the cruelty she’s experienced in her young life so far.
    I’m just so stoked to think there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. If we can continue to make progress, it may well be possible to get her to the vet for vax and spaying and hopefully round up her pups too.
    Thanks everyone for following Scout’s story and giving us encouragement.

  7. yaaaaaay! It only gets better. :-) Helping a dog learn to trust humans and learn what it is to really be a dog is the best feeling ever.

  8. What a pretty face she has. Nice when they surprise you in really good way!

    My husband also has the knack with animals. They just adore him. It’s not something that can be taught, it just is.

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