You’re sending me to the pound? NOW?!


– Hello Officer.  This Pitbull isn’t mine.  Also she’s not pregnant.  Can you take her to the pound?

– Gee, she looks really pregnant – and in labor even – but ok, if you say so.

Fast forward 5 minutes:

– Hey, that Pitbull’s having puppies in the back of my patrol car!

AP reports:

Authorities are looking for her owners.

I’d start the search with the lady we now know to be a liar.  Just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “You’re sending me to the pound? NOW?!

  1. What a gift that this dog and her family were not left with an uncaring and most likely incapable person! The policeman is the hero, the Yavapai Humane Society now has the opportunity to promote this dog and her offspring and generate support for responsible pet ownership and loving compassion! (People LOVE to adopt puppies…and foster homes for newborns are easier to find than for ailing geriatrics.) Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story…
    Or are we just going to go around trying to find the liar who dumped the dog? To what purpose? To “punish” them?! Is it against the law to relinquish a dog? Seems it was a good thing that she gave the dog to a cop cuz somebody else might have just thrown the family in the river.
    Or, will the owner of the dog come forward and say “my twin sister is a flake…I need my dog back, oh, and I only want that cute speckled male puppy back. Maybe she’ll have more spotted pups next time if I breed him to her.”

    1. I interpreted it differently. Police don’t know if the circumstances the lady related are accurate. They are probably trying to determine if the story is true, does the owner want the dog and pups back? Why did the owner not pick the dog up from the friend? Or if the story isn’t true, could this dog have been stolen/lost/otherwise missing? Was there ever any other owner besides the surrendering woman? I don’t think they are looking to prosecute someone necessarily but rather to avoid another Annie type situation or something along those lines.

  2. I remember reading that yesterday and thinking that poor little bitch – moved as she is in labour, in a strange car, frightened, giving birth where she is helpless, not like she can stop it, moved again, STILL in the process of giving birth to a different place. Poor wee little thing – she must be quite the dog not to kill her puppies with all that scarey stuff happening around her.

    I woudl love to know the real story behind this.

  3. well, that and I’m thankful it wasn’t one of those cops (of whom there seem to be a lot lately) that thinks the way to deal with dogs is to shoot them.

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