Scupdate – Puppy Edition

So a couple of the fine folks from my favorite no kill shelter, the Animal Protection League, came by yesterday to check out the Scout situation.  Scout was very friendly with both of them and that was my first time seeing her with strangers so that was good.  They managed to catch 4 of the 7 puppies and take them back to the shelter.  The remaining 3 found a safe spot inside a drain and went into we’re-not-moving-an-inch-we-don’t-care-what-you-do mode.  So the gals from APL will be coming back to catch those 3 sometime soon.

The puppies screamed as they were caught but then settled down pretty well.  Seeing them up close for the first time, they were not so big as I had judged from a distance.  I would guess they’re about 5 or 6 weeks old.  They are all cute as little buttons.  (I’m sorry I didn’t think to take pictures!)

I wanted to make special mention of Kristine and Sonya’s efforts in catching these pups, lest anyone think they just put out a crate, gave a little whistle and the puppies came running.  No ma’am.  The gals were out in the SC August heat for a good while, scrambling in and out of ditches, laying on their bellies in the mud, and sticking their arms into dark places where who knows what might be lurking.  And this was their day off!  When they left, instead of saying “Well we’re never doing that again!” (probably what I’d be saying), they were already coming up with a game plan for the return visit.  These gals are my heroes.

Later in the day, Billy and I were sitting on the porch with Scout and she seemed depressed to us.  Maybe she was just tired from all the excitement of the day but in case she was feeling down, I reassured her that her pups were in good hands.  I told her that only people who really loved dogs would go through so much effort to rescue the pups from someone’s discarded dog.  She seemed cheerier by the time evening came around.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know at least 4 of the pups are safe now.  As soon as the other 3 get caught, I won’t have to leave Scout loose anymore to feed them and that will be another huge worry off my mind.

If you’d like to donate to help APL care for Scout’s pups, or just to fund their good deed doings, here is their info:

Animal Protection League
P.O. Box 5354
Columbia, SC 29250

Paypal donations can be made via the button on the right hand side of this page.

Thank you APL!

15 thoughts on “Scupdate – Puppy Edition

  1. bravo all around.

    those gals sound AMAZING. What lucky pups to be spotted and cared for by you – and to be rescued into such loving arms!

    good luck with the remaining three.

    Scout is looking much better :)

  2. FANTASTIC news! those little guys will be adopted in no time and with such wonderful rescuers I am sure the others will be caught soon. Poor little Scourt- it must have been very stressful for her. What are you going to do with her once the pups are no longer an issue?

  3. YAY!!!

    Once everyone is in “custody” their new lives and Scouts can really begin.

    Of course Scout is already well on her way

    Kudos all the way round. :D

  4. I enjoy following Scout’s story and am happy to donate to APL for the puppies. I wonder if this is Scout’s first litter. It will be interesting to hear the results of her first vet exam and if she is heartworm negative.

    1. Thanks Clarice! The two most pressing vet needs I can see for her are goopy green discharge from the eyes and continued bleeding. The pups are too old for her to still be bleeding and I’m suspecting she may have an infection. Her life on the streets these past several months has been something short of sterile, I’d imagine. But overall, she’s looking pretty good!

    1. Good idea. They did use Scout (and a can of food) as a lure to get a couple pups out the drain but when it got down to the last 3, they weren’t budging. Made me think of the Wicked Witch when she tells Dorothy “The last one to go will see the first three go before her!” The final pups had seen their brethren disappear into the Box of Mystery and they decided to stay put.

  5. Great news! I re-tweeted, so fingers are crossed for donations. I’ll see what I can do following this week’s pay, too.

    What fantastic women – ALL of you! Hugs to Scout and paws crossed for the quick capture of the remaining pups. (Please try to take at least one picture? Pretty please?)

    1. Updated my above linked comment, as BFAS just put out yet another plea with numbers that seem to indicate you are donating to help virtual animals…

      Just a very, very small portion of the money they’re asking for would go a long way toward helping those puppies you’ve read about here. Real, honest, warm-blooded puppies.

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