Well That was Fast

Coweta Co GA forged ahead with their payback animal control ordinances at last night’s meeting.  Rescue groups in the county must now obtain licenses from and be inspected by both the state and Coweta Co AC.  So basically, the situation here is rescues saving animals from abuse at AC will be inspected by AC.  I can’t imagine anything possibly going wrong with this plan.

Besides implementing the punitive measures new rules, the county also took the time to praise AC for its handling of the recent case of a suffering dog, dubbed Old Yeller, who went without care at its facility:

[The Commission Chair] wanted to publicly apologize to the ACOs for all of the “rude comments” directed at Animal Control as a result of all of the publicity.  “I want to thank y’all for all y’all done.”  He wanted it to be known that they “did not appreciate” the news coverage, that it “highlighted what was not correct”, and that he had gotten complaints about Old Yeller from as far away as Washington, DC and Montana.

Yeah I can’t see anything wrong with AC inspecting the groups who pull dogs from their hellhole shelter.  That should work out great.  It’s going to prevent “hoarding”, per the county.  (Oops – I forgot to turn off the lights, shine a flashlight on my face and cue the dramatic music when I said “hoarding”.  I guess Animal Planet prolly won’t be dropping by now.)

6 thoughts on “Well That was Fast

  1. “I can’t imagine anything possibly going wrong with this plan.”

    Gosh, me neither! Thank goodness they’ve got it all sorted out now. I’m sure everything will be smooth sailing and the county animals will benefit so much!


  2. Yea, for the blind shall now lead the sightless…

    I saw over 2,300 names in one petition sent to them.
    The only question is: Are they covering their butts, or just sniffing each others?

  3. I might have missed it, but what ever happened to the woman who let her dog sit in the hot car while she was in Costco? Has she had her trial yet?

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