Treats on the Internets

Williamsburg, KY residents wanted to help a friendly dog who was roaming.  They called animal control thinking the dog would be rescued, given a bath, cared for and adopted out.  Instead AC responded to the call and shot the dog to death.

Michael Mountain:  “The Ghost of Oreo

MSN in Los Angeles continues to be a big fat fail, and now the whole state may get to try it.

No excuses at a rural shelter in Australia – they saved 97% of their dogs last year

Thieves stole $39,000 worth of donated pet food intended for needy families in AZ

Follow-up on the report from an IL woman who said she found a frog in a can of Pedigree:  The frog was actually a toad, not native to IL, and after testing, Mars is satisfied “the toad did not originate” from their product.

HSUS announced its horse sanctuary received accreditation from a group called the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  Humane Watch looks into the overlap between the two groups.

Sea World fired the woman in charge of safety after one of their killer whales killed a trainer earlier this year.  She is now speaking out against Sea World’s safety practices.

The interesting origins (and non-origins) of the phrase “raining cats and dogs”

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  1. From the resurrection of Michael Mountain to raining cats & dogs, a nice collection of snippets. It’s interesting that Michael is now free to speak of things that couldn’t be said before…

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