Saturday Scout

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  1. selkie

     /  August 28, 2010

    look how HAPPY she looks! and already her coat is so shiney!

    • On the coat, I’d like to think it’s my delicious homemade food but I can’t discount the possibility it’s the doggie steps she snacks on regularly.

  2. So glad she is at your house and settled in. She’s looking healthy and happy. Any word on her pups? Have any been adopted?

    • 3 of the shyest pups are being sent to a temporary foster home. This will give them much needed exposure to home life, and more individual attention. Plus it allows the shelter staff at APL to pay more attention to the other 4. It will be awhile before they are adopted out I would think. They have much to learn and experience.

  3. mikken

     /  August 29, 2010

    Where oh where did she get those EARS?! She looks so much less “haunted” than your first photos – excellent work.

  4. She is ADORABLE! I’ll be she never dreamed of being in a safe place and having a toy of her own. Scout hit the jackpot!



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