Dallas City Official: “The conditions at the shelter are good.”

There are additional allegations of abuse and substandard practices at the troubled Dallas Animal Shelter.  Among the new complaints:

Kennels are coated in grime. Air conditioning vents are filthy and there dirty litter boxes with pooper scoopers in the sink feeding area.

Photos of the conditions were provided to FOX 4 by a shelter employee who did not want to be identified out of fear of retaliation.

The employee said conditions for the 900 animals at the 2-year-old shelter are deplorable. The animals have also been without air conditioning for several months.

There are also claims of retaliation against whistleblowers at the shelter.  Then there’s this:

The employee told FOX 4 earlier this week a cat that had gotten out of its cage was beaten by an animal keeper with a pole meant to catch dogs. The animal’s jaw and claws were broken.

The issue was brought before the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission.

“I think folks like this need to be better trained, maybe given jobs where they don’t have direct contact with animals. But, I would like that looked into,” said Chairman Robert Trimble.

Yeah maybe form a committee that meets every other month to determine if someone who beats a cat with a catch pole until its jaw is broken should possibly not have direct contact with animals at his job.  I look forward to your report in 2011.  2012 at the latest.

One thought on “Dallas City Official: “The conditions at the shelter are good.”

  1. This is why you don’t see many members of the public at the Animal Shelter Commission meetings. No matter what subject is raised by a member of the public, the response is ALWAYS “we’ll look into it.”

    While I won’t go as far as to condemn every member of the Commission, there are certainly members with their own agendas. For example, one member has about 30 cats in her house, but this doesn’t stop her from pursuing “hoarders”. You know, someone with 31 cats.

    In the meantime, the euthanasia rate doesn’t change and the abuse continues. And I can’t see this Commission doing anything to rock the boat, as long as they can continue to pursue their own little pet projects (pardon the pun) and agendas.

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