Annie’s Adoptive Owner Does the Right Thing

Chuck Hoage and his Australian Shepherd Annie are together again.  Annie has been spayed and microchipped.  She’s also wearing a collar with an ID tag on it.

Hoage said Tuesday he harbors no hard feelings toward Annie’s adoptive owner.

“She took care of my dog,” he said.

Not only that, she saved a dog in a shelter she had every reason to believe needed saving.  And after learning there had been a mistake and Annie was in fact owned and loved by someone who was missing her, the adoptive owner made the difficult choice to let Annie go home.

On Tuesday, a white sign that can be seen near the ranch off Highway 101 in the South County simply read, “Annie Back.”

5 thoughts on “Annie’s Adoptive Owner Does the Right Thing

  1. WAHOO!

    I don’t envy the adopter’s decision, I imagine it would be hard not knowing the life she had before she ended up in the shelter. Its hard to trust people.

    But I hope she looks forward to adopting another dog from a shelter.

  2. agreed about the money; but I guess I’m meaner than you. I think those people were TERRIBLE- they had her barely a week before it came out that she was not only owned but very much loved AND her owner had done what he could to find her and they REFUSED to give her back. I also think it wrong that they were harassed to the point of death threats; however, I think the bad publicity coupled with their notoriety had more to do with giving her back than goodwill.

    1. I agree. I can understand being disappointed after spending a week bonding with a dog – it doesn’t take long to fall in love – only to learn that it has to be returned to the owner. I can even imagine pouting that I could be a better owner and give the dog a better life. But that’s not how it works. The dog was cared for, wanted, loved, and there was no good justification for saying, “Naaaah…we like THIS owner better.”

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