About That Girl Throwing Puppies into The River

Many of you have likely seen the recent viral video of a what looks to be a 13 year old girl hurling live puppies into a river to die.  If you haven’t and you want to, you’ll have to look it up – I won’t be linking to it here.  Following the posting of the video, the internet was determined to identify the girl.  I read that she posted an “apology” video saying the pups were sick and belonged to her grandmother but I don’t know if that’s accurate.  The bottom line for me – whatever the story behind it – the puppies were killed in a cruel manner and the killings were filmed and put on You Tube.  I can’t think of any reasonable explanations that could justify that.

At any rate, the AP is reporting that the girl has been identified by police in Bosnia and they are investigating.  In accordance with the law, it sounds as if her parents may be fined.  I hope they identify and punish whoever filmed the killings too.

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