Reward Offered for PETA Ad

According to Ingrid Newkirk’s recent op-ed piece, PETA ran an ad in Virginia last month in an effort to find homes for 28 cats and received 3 responses.  If you saw or responded to this ad, please tell us about it in the comments.  If you have a copy of this ad, I will seriously give some sort of prize (Prize To Be Determined) to the first person who gets me a copy.  I don’t know what kind of ad it was but I’m hoping the good people of VA might come up with something for us.

24 thoughts on “Reward Offered for PETA Ad

  1. Well, seriously … that’s like, oh, I dunno, the Klan running an ad for its annual fundraising garage sale and asking for donations. Anyone? Anyone? I would expect that PETA would be smart enough to disguise its ad as not PETA. What average person looking to adopt a cat would want to deal with a group that the public views as batsh*t crazy?

  2. Makes me wonder if it’s another one of those ‘repeat the same numbers’ things. Not long ago on the main pet-law list, someone posted a link to the Spidey blog article about the constant usage of the number 1100 (I think), where over and over in big ‘puppy mill’ rescue stories, it’s always “1100” animals rescued.

    In this case, Ingrid posts an op-ed piece saying that 28 cats were advertised and only got 3 responses. The sole related or similar item that I could find about PETA was that they agreed to take 28 cats and 3 dogs from the economically challenged oil spill areas in Louisiana and some company, UShip, donated $4k in free transport services to them. Like, if they had no homes for the cats, what the heck did they waste UShip’s donated services to ship them up here for?!

  3. Bullsh*t. With PETA’s vast fortune and unfortunate influence, they could easily have found homes for 28,000 cats, much less 28.

    Couldnt supposed ‘animal lover’ Pam Anderson have taken the cats to live in her mansion, or contacted her Hollywood friends to help? Or was Pam too busy getting her implants inflated a size up?

    Remember: If Ingrid Newkirk says something, the opposite is probably the real truth.

    Taking what killers like PETA, ASPCA, HSUS, and kill ‘shelters’ say seriously, is like believing “Honest Frank” the car salesman when he says “This one is brand new….a 97’…never been driven…..”

    1. Well because YOU don’t approve of it doesn’t make it despicable. I can’t imagine PETA, or the rest of the AR alphabet complaining about it. Even with a full open season the numbers of “small game” taken by hunters would be insignificant to what PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, etc kill annually.
      While I find it distasteful personally and can’t understand the mentality of killing pets as a means of game hunting. I am not everyone else. There are some (based on your comment) that see it as a viable option of population control. If you or anyone else doesn’t like it, give us a better solution. If not, you continue to be part of the problem. Petitions do nothing but collect a bunch of email addresses as they are not legally acceptable from an online source. Now that you’ve had your 5 mins of fame, feel free to do something productive, maybe work with a TNR group for Ferals.
      Maybe this is just a ruse to prevent hunters from “muscling in” on PETA’s biznez… Hmmmmmm

      1. No, it’s really despicable, and is the fond hope of people who just hate cats. There are plenty of better methods of population control, including the TNR you assume without evidence Matt isn’t involved in.

        And of course, how many of those Brave Hunters are going to bother to even TRY to distinguish a feral from an owned cat?

        This must be quite a puzzle for PETA, which favors catch-and-kill, not TNR, for feral cats. Do they support it because it kills cats, or would that risk outing their real agenda?

    1. Thanks for the links. This one says:
      Those who want to adopt a cat can apply on site. All cats will be spayed or neutered, a PETA representative said. Each of the cats has special needs.

      30 cats “displaced by the oil spill” with special needs? That seems odd.

      1. If you go back to the PETA blog post, it explains that some of those cats had “chronic stress from being left at an animal shelter some years ago.” So, they might have *said* these were cats displaced by the spill…but what they did was pull the basically unadoptable (or at least very difficult to adopt) animals. Then, if the only “ad” they ran was this mention in the Pilot (I looked back to see if there were any ads online for cats, but most of what’s there is a bit more recent) I doubt anyone would come running right over to get a “special needs” cat. I certainly don’t see that there are any more ads online–you would think they’d still be running ads, wouldn’t you? It’s only been a month. One would think that a person truly *motivated* to get those cats into homes–particularly one with the resources of PETA–would spend the bucks to advertise via a *series* of ads. Obviously that’s not the case, or we’d still see the evidence of those ads in the online database.

      2. Ah, so they were left at the shelter years ago, when their oil industry owners foresaw the BP oil spill happening and knew they wouldn’t be able to afford a pet in 2010. I’m afraid there are no ads b/c the cats are all in PETA’s luxury freezer.

  4. My thought exactly. The *kicker,* if you haven’t already thought about this, is that Ingrid blamed “institutional hoarders” (i.e. the No Kill movement) for turning back the animal welfare movement and then goes on to say that in “well run shelters they don’t store the animals like oranges” (or something to that effect). So…does that make the poor poor overcrowded shelter (because of BP) in LA well run or poorly run…because obviously some of these cats were “stored like oranges” for “some years”? Hmmm…inquiring minds want to know. I find it interesting that she has basically used one over-crowded shelter–trying NOT to kill–to criticize another which was basically doing the same thing. Neither one very efficiently, apparently.

  5. Cripes. That’s one of the feeblest ads for animals for adoption I’ve ever seen. I’m shocked that three people responded. And these days, what with Petfinder and the like, there’s just no excuse.

    PeTA really ought to be fucking ashamed of themselves.

  6. Wow, good to see that PETA’s PR department can really come up with a kicker of an add to get those cats into homes! I wonder how much that sparkling bit of advertising cost them?

    I agree – it’s a wonder they got three people to respond…and I’ll bet you $$$ that they didn’t adopt out cats to all three of those people. I’m sure they were unworthy of a cat and the cat was better off dead than going home with the likes of them.

  7. It’s not an advertisement. It’s a news brief. PeTA didn’t pay for this.

    So is there a still-missing ad, or is this all there is?


    Long way to ship a cat (and stress it out) so that Ingrid can slip in there as rosy-fingered dawn paints the sky and kill it herself.

    Also, who the HELL would ship a shelter animal to PeTA in this day and age? Sure, the puppy-wuvving public may not know about the Piggly-Wiggly Solution, but shelter workers don’t? Srsly?

    1. Ingrid said PETA “ran an ad”. I take that to mean they paid some entity for advertising space – a classified ad in the paper and/or online or something else. I’m still hoping to find that ad. And still offering a Mystery Prize to the first person who gets me a copy.

      1. I’m thinking the prize will remain a mystery…because I don’t see ANY evidence of an ad in the Virginian-Pilot’s data (though classifieds only go back 30 days, which is about a week shy of where we want to search)… so short of going to the paper and scanning all the newspapers from the date of that article until the date of Ingrid’s op-ed (which I’m quite sure is an exercise in wasted gasoline and at least a half day’s time down to the Pilot offices…no thanks), I simply don’t believe that a “paid for” ad exists. PETA believes it is the responsibility of the newspaper to “help them help animals” not to mention to keep them in the search engines….gag.

        As for “who would ship a shelter animal…”… the shelter that was doing the shipping were just as cognizant of the media attention of Pam Andersen swooping in on her white horse to “save the kitties” as PETA was on this end. It’s all about the media attention. It’s not really about saving the cats…otherwise they might have sent truly adoptable ones.

        That said, our area gets absolutely flooded with animals between PETA and HSUS “do gooding”… it’s really kind of a miracle you can find a home that *doesn’t* have a dog or cat that’s come from some out of state or “sensationalized” source (since we get LOTS of “bust” animals here).

  8. Well because YOU don’t approve of it doesn’t make it despicable”

    No, the fact that it’s despicable makes it despicable.

  9. “There are some (based on your comment) that see it as a viable option of population control. If you or anyone else doesn’t like it, give us a better solution.”

    If YOU were the target of a bow or a bullet, would it then become “despicable” to you? After all, the human animal population is way out of control, and shooting your a$$ may be the only viable solution to the problem. Do you volunteer to be killed in order to fulfill the viable solution to the human animal overpopulation problem?

    Didnt think so. Point proven.

    Funny how hypocrites change their views when THEY are the targets.

    And dont lie about petitions, never underestimate the most powerful weapon on earth…your voice. If you had done any research on the issue,intead of spewing ignorance and a total disregard for your fellow living souls, you’d know that there is a direct link to the N.J. dept. who makes such decisions. If they are flooded with messages from sane people who oppose such murder, they will get the message.

    You want a better solution to killing? Are you really that ignorant,arrogant and pathetic that you consider murdering a fellow living soul a ‘solution’. You are a lost soul.

    As far as solutions are concerned,
    I’ll give you the best one of all: LIVE AND LET LIVE.

    (What an idea!!!! The nerve of this guy….wanting senseless killing to stop? The horror! This is a crime!)

    Another? TNR.

    Get educated, will you.

    Walk a mile in someone’s paws, before you become an apologist for their would be murderers.

    The two neanderthals in New Jersey who want to murder America’s #1 four legged family member, are wrong.

    Killing is wrong. If you had some putz aiming their weapon at you, you’d wake up from your hibernation, and you’d admit that killing is wrong.

    That is the ultimate truth.

    Your ignorant, arrogant, human animal egotism notwithstanding.

  10. “feel free to do something productive, maybe work with a TNR group for Ferals.”

    Been there, done that. Still do. Have a nice day.

  11. How very odd! The press releases all say to visit to fill out an adoption application, but, for the life of me, I can NOT find any such thing on that web site. Also… ugh… I feel unclean now.

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