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Some additional details on the story of the dog who was killed by Memphis Animal Shelter despite having an adopter begging to save her.  The issue came up at the AC Advisory Board meeting this week which about 30 people attended:

  • Ann Mitchell, the woman who wanted to adopt Lil Bit is from Mississippi.
  • While at MAS, Ms. Mitchell asked to speak with the shelter’s contracted vet, Rebecca Coleman, in order to discuss Lil Bit’s health and Ms. Mitchell’s offer to sign a release form but Dr. Coleman refused.
  • Terry Gibson, the interim shelter supervisor, stood by the vet’s decision.
  • At the board meeting, Animal Services Administrator Matthew Pepper stood by both Dr. Coleman and Terry Gibson’s decisions.
  • Per the Mayor’s chief of staff, “Mayor Wharton is supporting Matthew Pepper 110 percent”.
  • Shelter staff took dogs from Infectious Disease Central MAS to an offsite adoption event but no explanation was given as to why that was ok even though Lil Bit had to be killed for fear of her spreading her plague germs to every dog in the south.

Some quotes from the meeting:

“The attitude is, and it started years ago, this shelter is a killing machine,” said board member Allen Iskiwitz. “These people are not like us. We have emotions, we have compassion.”

“It appears that there’s not a checks-and-balance system in place. And you have a vet on staff who will not come out and tell a potential adoptee that she’s going to put her dog to sleep?” said Denise Caccamisi of Memphis. “Nobody’s being held accountable.”

“We have seen a pattern of unexplained euthanasia,” said board member Michelle Buckalew.

2 thoughts on “More on Lil Bit

  1. This whole thing is ridiculous (WTF is wrong with this “shelter”?), but I have to take exception to this bit of language:

    “These people are not like us. We have emotions, we have compassion.”

    No, those people are like you, they just hold different beliefs about “what’s right”. That othering language is the first step on the road to not making anything better.

  2. Where were their emotions and compassion when they refused this woman who was pleading for this animal’s life? No where that I am able to detect.

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