Treats on the Internets

Some asshat in Tampa Bay, FL shot a cat 30 times with a pellet gun, locked her in a carrier and tossed her into a body of water.  A good Sam heard her crying and saved her.  She’s being treated by a vet and I sincerely hope she makes it.  In the meantime, there’s a huge cash reward (over $13,000) offered for info leading to an arrest:

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hillsborough County Animal Services at 813-744-5660 or email

A shelter in AZ put a dog on the kill list – not because she was medically hopeless and suffering, not because she had a communicable disease, not because of so-called pet overpopulation – they decided she needed to die because she was really fat.  A no kill shelter stepped in to save her and she is now on a diet and exercise plan.

Do Not Do:  While it’s understandable that emotions would be running high after shelter director Matthew Pepper defended the needless killing of Lil Bit at Memphis Animal Shelter, death threats are not only reprehensible but a distraction from true reform efforts.

A couple in TN went through a nasty separation and as a result, their multiple pets were abandoned and starved.  One of the two has been charged but each blames the other.  Meanwhile, 3 Great Danes are dead and the remaining pets are struggling to survive.

In San Antonio, a backyard security camera caught a neighbor beating her dog’s head with a rake and kicking him.  AC seized the woman’s two dogs while they investigate.

Convicted dogfighter David Tant of SC has been paroled.

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