PETA Does the Exposing, Who Will Actually Do the Rescuing?

New rule:  If your animal organization raids, makes an undercover video or otherwise gets majorly involved in shutting down an animal operation so that said animals may be freed or rescued or whatever you care to call it in your fundraising pleas – you must provide care for the animals.  Or at least use your financial and marketing resources to help them get into caring hands.

PETA went undercover at a USDA licensed research lab utilized by pharmaceutical companies to test chemicals on pets.  PETA got video of research animals being abused and one week after the video went public, the NC lab has decided to shut down and surrender all the animals.  Yay – provided the people who actually care about rescuing animals scramble and come up with spots for them all.  Number of pets PETA will be taking:  Zero.  Number of pets PETA will be sponsoring financially:  Zero.  Number of pleas from PETA’s PR mega-machine for homes:  Zero.

According to this post, these are the animals still in need:

  • Beagles (Female): 16
  • Beagles (Male) :56
  • Catahoula (Male): 1
  • Hound Cross (Female): 4
  • Hound Cross (Male): 1
  • Lab/Pit Mix (Male): 1
  • Basset Beagle Cross (Male): 1
  • Lab/Jack Rissell [sic] Cross (female): 1
  • Cats: 49

The animals will reportedly only be released to shelters so if you are a shelter that can help, please refer to the contact info at this link.  And yeah, PETA will be raking in the donations from the publicity off this while your shelter does the work of actually saving the animals.  Hope you don’t expect public recognition, donation windfalls or celebrity endorsements, I don’t think PETA is willing to share.

Thank you Clarice for the link.

24 thoughts on “PETA Does the Exposing, Who Will Actually Do the Rescuing?

  1. I have to admit, I’m of two minds on this, along with alice – if PeTA got their mitts on them, it seems most likely they’d be killed within days.

  2. Yay, sarcastic comments about PETA’s kill statistics as reported by CCF. That helps solve this problem!

    Now that I’ve said that, I (of course) think it’s disingenuous for this organization to fail to provide financial care for these animals, even though I think ALL of you (and I) would prefer they not go directly to them for sheltering. That said, it would be great to hear an honest discussion of why these animals were there, what products were being tested on them, why it’s “okay” to do this to dogs and cats to test products you and I use on our dogs, even though it’s not legally required by law, and what we can do to help on our own.

    So instead of posting snarky comments, let’s actually write PETA letters, asking them to please give some funds to the shelters that will be stepping up to rescue these dogs, cats (and hopefully rabbits). Let’s use their own tactics against them and ask everyone we know to let them know this isn’t okay.

    I personally would rather even an organization I hate get money than have those dogs and cats and rabbits in that lab. If it would get animals out of other labs, or at least give them the chance to get out, I’d send a check to CCF right this minute.

    I appreciate your thoughts (and agree with some) and that you don’t like PETA – but why can’t your report on what’s being done to the dogs in this lab too? Why oh why isn’t the abuse they’re suffering (similar to abuses in shelters you’ve reported on) important too?

    1. PeTA did less than nothing for these animals. They stood by and allowed abuse to be perpetrated on these animals for over 9 months without lifting a finger to stop it or report it.

      Letters written to them will fall into the same hole occupied by the souls of those who watch abuse and do nothing.

    2. Oh, and Jennie, you are flat wrong about who reports PETA’s kill rates.

      PETA reports them. All shelters in Virgina are required to report. Some people, such as CCF, wheover they are, and apparently unlike yourself, do read them.

  3. And now that we’ve all been properly scolded for being frivolous, perhaps it might occur to Ms. Jennie that we’ve already been there and done that?

  4. no Peta wouldn’t dream of sharing, because they have their own dorty issues to hide.
    Come clean Peta and the rest will follow.

    1. *If* that is the case in this situation, I would still call upon PETA to utilize their vast financial and PR resources to support the efforts of getting care for these animals.

  5. Wow. I’m not sure how you can watch that video and then post a diatribe on how awful the organization who exposed such cruelties is. Why not focus on the fact there are 200+ animals who need homes instead of the red herring attack on PETA?

    I may not be a fan of PETA for a litany of reasons, but the real issue here isn’t PETA – it’s animal research, it’s how we treat non humans in vivisection labs, and it’s now about the animals who are being relinquished. Making it about the messenger is pretty darn useless and petty.

    1. “Why not focus on the fact there are 200+ animals who need homes instead of the red herring attack on PETA?”

      Why don’t you focus on it?

    2. I know how. It is because PETA lies. How about focusing on the fact that PETA lies and gets businesses shut down and animals killed?

      They use their “rescues” as an excuse to kill thousands of animals. Not much point in thanking them or participating in their garbage. They are even going to use our help and our volunteering to screw us over. We are way too much in their grip and it will take sacrifices to break loose. It’s like we want to “fight” without actually fighting.

      1. I don’t give a flying potato bug what PETA does or doesn’t do – 200 animals need rescuing and millions more are brutalized in vivisection labs across the country. That’s the issue.

        I’ve got no problem seeing a vivisection lab shut down, especially one that IN ADDITION to inflicting unnecessary suffering on animals ADDS even more suffering with mistreatment. If you think the treatment of those animals was acceptable, then obviously you and I are on way different wavelengths.

  6. I saw that the pervs at PETA recently held a demonstration where they had naked women showering in public stalls (PETA’s member donations in action).

    A couple of guys in cat and dog costumes should have jumped in the showers holding fake needles with blue colored water in them, and jabbed the girls in the A$$es with them. That would have made a valuable statement.

  7. “Wow. I’m not sure how you can watch that video and then post a diatribe on how awful the organization who exposed such cruelties is. Why not focus on the fact there are 200+ animals who need homes instead of the red herring attack on PETA?”

    Hi Rinalia, I can see your point, but look at it this way…..if Hitler saved a busload of German kids from going over a cliff, would we be thanking him, or would we be reminded of the millions of innocent souls who he murdered in the holocaust, which would kind of dampen the “lifesaving party” a bit??

    When someone acts so……murderous….it’s hard to think of them and be happy, even though we should be happy about the animals who *may* be rescued (or they may be, under PETA’s advice, ‘humanely euthanized’ due to the ‘traumatic situations’ that they have been in (Havent we all).

    Sadly, these morons (PETA) do not read dictionaries and thus do not know what the words “rescue”, “ethics”, “Shelter” and “Kindness” mean. They’re too busy recommending or seeing to it that the ‘rescued’ animals be given the ‘ultimate rescue’…..a ‘good death’. That’s not rescue..that’s delayed murder……no different than what those poor animals would have been subjected to if they were still in the hands of the vivisectors. That’s why it’s so hard to ignore PETA’s involvement…they end up doing to animals what vivisectors do….murdering them.

    When sanity goes out the window, it’s hard to celebrate when animals are rescued, because “rescue” doesnt mean to the insane killers, what it means to those of us who are of healthy mind and soul. It means the complete opposite to these insane and CRUEL murderers.

    So, these animals havent been “rescued” yet…if they end up being murdered, then the term “rescue” shouldnt be used.

    I hope that these animals avoid being placed in PETA’s deadly hands…I can just see Ingrid Newkirk, getting her rocks off, just by thinking about the opportunity of giving those precious little souls a ‘good death’.

    1. Let’s not fall prey to Godwin’s law, it doesn’t get us anywhere.

      None of the animals are going to PETA. End of story, period, final answer. I mean, they made that clear. Other rescues are doing THEIR JOB and stepping up to rescue the animals – it’s not PETA’s job and I think we all agree that it shouldn’t be anyways. I don’t see why we can’t have organizations that do the investigating work with organizations that do rescuing. It’s been a perfectly acceptable paradigm for decades, I’m sure it can continue to work.

      I can’t fathom why we can celebrate the saving of 200 animals. Can’t fathom why anyone would actually say it’s “hard to celebrate” knowing 200 animals won’t be slammed against cages, declawed while conscious, sedated with old medicines improperly or abused. That’s definitely not sane!

      1. “I don’t see why we can’t have organizations that do the investigating work with organizations that do rescuing. It’s been a perfectly acceptable paradigm for decades, I’m sure it can continue to work.”

        Let’s check with Floyd Boudreaux on how well that paradigm works for rescuing animals. Or the 127 Pitbulls in Wilkes Co, NC. Or the breeder in SD whose dogs were seized illegally and subsequently some of them died at the shelter.

        Also, where is the evidence that PETA has been working with rescuers to get these lab animals saved? I’ve been searching for days and haven’t come up with anything.

  8. What happened to the rabbits?

    Rinalia, the “messenger” about the animals needing homes appears to be (WTF?) the USDA, and the Animal Welfare Institute.

    The vegans’ blog just repeats info from the AWI. Their press release is here:

    It appears that AWI did the work of finding shelters to take the animals (But again — rabbits? Bueller? Anyone?) and the shelters are going to do the work — and bear the financial burdens — of rehabbing and placing them.

    It does not appear that anyone at PeTA bothered to pick up the phone. Having shot their wad, they would be much happier with the animals all killed.

    There is not a word on the PeTA website about finding homes for the animals.

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