One Step Closer to Justice for Tampa Kitty

You may remember the story of the poor cat in FL who was shot with a pellet gun 30 times, locked in a carrier and tossed into a body of water.  Good news:  police will be holding a presser today to announce the arrest of a suspect in the case.

Just in case there was any doubt in your mind that this was not the act of a psycho, there is a photo at the link of the carrier in which the cat was found.  They took the time to draw “funny” things on it.  There is also a photo of the kitty, recovering from her wounds (may be too graphic for some).  I’m so glad she’s hanging in there.

I’ll update this post if any significant details come to light at the presser.

Update #1:  Story at above link has been updated to include the name and photo of the suspect:

He’s identified as Giovanni Estrada of Tampa.


Estrada is charged with two counts of animal cruelty.  He was released on bond.

Update #2: From the same article:

[The suspect’s] girlfriend, Mildred Marie Krack, was the cat’s owner and she also may be charged.

9 thoughts on “One Step Closer to Justice for Tampa Kitty

  1. The thing I cannot wrap my brain around is that he correctly spelled “penitentiary” on the crate.


    Most recent commenter (as of this moment) on the news story dismisses the perp as “probably an illegal grubbing off our tax dollars.” Because in South Florida, everyone with a Hispanic surname must be an illegal, que?

    Yeah, I don’t think so.

  2. It sounds like this cat was abused regularly. I have to wonder what was found on FB that helped the authorities…I hope it’s something very damning that comes up in court.

  3. If guilty, this punk needs to have a baseball bat stuffed up his patootie, thrown in a jail cell, and just left to rot….. or take him to the curb with the rest of the garbage.

    PS If the judge gives this punk a slap on the wrists, the judge should be given the “baseball bat” treatment also.

  4. Estrada should be charged with 30 counts of animal cruelty, one for each pellet.

    If his girlfriend with a sh*tty taste in boys is guilty too… bat treatment.

    Sorry, but this has to stop.

    Spread the word around, to YOUR local officials, especially City Council Members and the Mayor:


    Print it out, send it via snail mail, send it via email, Fax it, include it with your upcoming Christmas card to them….just bombard their offices strongly urging them to pass this:


    Our Companion Animals need RIGHTS to protect them, and this will give them rights.

    Spread the fu+%ing word, shout it out with a megaphone, go on closed circuit TV and discuss it,email it to friends, email it to family,email it to the Mayor, City Council, etc., lets all get this passed and made into law.


  5. Note- While the CAPA pertains essentially to pets in shelters or those going to shelters or in danger of going to shelters, the passing of this law will lead to the passing of more severe laws regarding animal cruelty such as in this case.

    One step at a time, animals will gain more and more rights that they deserve equally as much as we human animals do and are afforded.


    The power is in our hands. How bad do we want it accomplished? Bad enough to TAKE ACTION?


  6. One thing that’s unclear to me — the news report mentioned a “crate”…. Did they mean “carrier,” or was the carrier placed inside something else (i.e. a slatted wooden box)?

    If not, I’m amazed that the carrier (given how they are designed) stayed afloat. If it hadn’t, the poor kitty wouldn’t have been long for this world; but rather would’ve drowned *trapped* — a terrifying cruel death. :(

    Just another reason to send this scum up the river (no pun intended).

    1. There is a photo of the carrier at the link. I don’t know how long (or how well) it floated. I’m just glad it did float long enough for a good hearted person to save the cat!

  7. Well, I surely hope this sicko gets time in jail and a stiff fine for sure!Our society HAS to do more to protect animals from abuse and make sure those who harm them pay dearly. People who are sick and cruel will not stop if not given tough penalties after all. It’s just common sense.
    I hope this creep is made to pay and becomes a clear message to anyone else who needs psychiatric treatment and jail time! Makes our family SICK to hear these stories!!!

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