Treats on the Internets

National Animal Control Association updated their euthanasia guidelines in August to support death by injection and to specifically reject gassing.

December 2009:  Another pet who had an adopter waiting, needlessly killed by Memphis Animal Shelter (video)

A woman in Hart Co, GA who has been charged with animal cruelty four times since 2007 is now accused of abandoning cats, chickens and dogs chained to trees at a farm.  Authorities will ask the judge to bar her from owning animals in Hart Co again.

Another burned dog in NC (warning – graphic photo)

Closed circuit TV in the UK captured a man leaving his limping dog in a parking lot.

The GOP nominee for FL Attorney General is Pam Bondi.  Ms. Bondi “rescued” a dog after Hurricane Katrina and refused to return the dog to the owners once they got their feet back under them.  The owners sued and Ms. Bondi ultimately gave the dog back with an agreement that she would provide food and medication for the dog for life and be granted visits with the dog.  The owners say she has never visited the dog and only provided food and meds for a few months.

2 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. On that last one. Why would she need to provide food and medication for life. If the original owners couldn’t afford food and medication why did they bother fighting to get the dog back, and if they can afford it then it’s a moot point. Being forced to give back a dog that you’ve grown to love can be very painfull and maybe visiting isn’t good for her…or the dog. I’m afraid I see Bondi’s side clearer than the Couter’s. Having fallen on love with a dog I found wandering the street and then having to give him back when his owner showed up weeks later. I get pictures of him but to visit, well, it’s just to hard to see him and then leave him.

    1. My take on it was that Ms. Bondi based her reason for not giving the dog back to the owners on her claim that the owners weren’t properly caring for the dog. She is the one who offered to pay for food/meds for the life of the dog to make it look as if her claim was accurate IMO. She offered then never followed through. She got a new dog for herself and “moved on”.

      As far as bonding with the dog, she knew from the outset she would be sending the dog back. The rescue that gave her the dog is quoted saying something to that effect in the article. Everyone who took in pets post Katrina knew they were sending them back unless they happened to get one that was known to already have been up for adoption at a shelter at the time of the disaster.

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