“No Return” on Justice for Delta Either

Cathryn Washington, the former nursing professor who killed her dog Delta in July by leaving her in the car while she shopped at Costco, then went back inside to return the dog food and bed she’d bought after discovering Delta was dead, was charged with two misdemeanor cruelty charges. The first was for failing to provide adequate food, water and shelter and the second was for causing Delta unnecessary pain and suffering.  (Apparently there’s no statute for being a heartless bitch who is more concerned about getting her money back than the fact that she just cooked her dog to death.)  Each count is punishable by 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Ms. Washington has now been sentenced.  Number of days she will be serving of the possible 180:  Zero.  Number of dollars in fines she’ll be paying of the possible $2000:  Zero.  Instead, she got probation.  She won’t be allowed to own a pet for 18 months and must undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Amount of hope I have that authorities will check to make sure Ms. Washington doesn’t have a pet in the next 18 months:  Zero.

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4 thoughts on ““No Return” on Justice for Delta Either

  1. when will people stop taking their animals with them to the store? It’s ok to take them for a rid to a park or a river, but to go shopping?
    I hate seeing dogs in the back of pick up trucks in the heat.
    There should be laws and lawmen as well as citizens who see this, report it and act on it for the sake of the animals.
    This is ignorance and heartless.

  2. That’s not what happened in this case, not really. She had fought her ex-husband over custody of the dog, took the dog with her when she moved out of state, and left the poor dog in the hot car at Costco before even reaching her destination.

    This wasn’t necessarily an accident.

  3. that judge should be fired – I am so SICK of these individuals giving a clean sweep to sadistic idiots like that bitch – there was NO EXCUSE possible in this case – she shoudl have been given the MAXIMUM jail time and MAXIMUM fine and it still woudl have been pathetic! I hope people keep bringing up her disgusting, cruel behaviour.

    and what a discouragement to anyone who wants to help – those Costco employees that put themselves on the line for that poor poor dog might see it has pointless to be so kind again.

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