Treats on the Internets

NC:  Gaston Co board votes unanimously to increase killing of shelter pets via lethal injection and decrease killing by gas chamber

Robeson Co Animal Shelter has hired a new director.

Statesville police, acting on a tip, found a dog fight in progress at a home with about 20 people in attendance.  Only the resident of the home was arrested despite a law in NC which makes being a spectator at a dog fight a felony.  The 2 dogs were seized.

WV:  Brooke Co says their new shelter is full so some dogs have to be housed at the old shelter.  Local animal advocates say the dogs are being kept in pitch dark, without food or water.

WA:  After one dead kitten tested positive for panleukopenia, the Everett Animal Shelter decided to kill every cat in the place.

TX:  A dog owner who put up two fences and a Beware of Dog sign had her pet seized by AC after a kid stuck his finger through a hole in the fence and was bitten by the dog.  After the dog tested negative for Rabies, he was returned to the owner, who has now put up a second sign.

MN:  Resident nursing home cat sits with patients as they exit life.

Canada:  Brindi, a shepherd mix with a history of dog aggression whose case became famous when she was held for 2 years by authorities while the courts sorted things out, was returned to her owner a couple of months ago.  She has reportedly been seized again, after allegedly attacking another dog.

Humane Watch compares similar patterns between HSUS and ONE

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. What I can not understand, in the comments for the Gaston Co NC shelter, a couple people complain about the shelter hours and conclude the shelter needs more money for a new facility.

    To change shelter hours requires a new sign, not a new facility.

    How illogical do people have to be to encourage others to donate money to shelters which they believe are doing a bad job? This is a common response when a bad shelter is in the news.

  2. Ah, Brindi. Animal Welfare Movement / No-Kill Nation, meet Brindi’s owner, the idiot.

    The dog has issues. It almost killed another dog. This is not normal. Normal dogs don’t get into bloody fights, period. Maybe the odd puncture wound or torn ear flap, but normal “dog fights” are more growling and fur flying than they are bloody.

    The dog was given back to the owner “with conditions”. I haven’t looked, but one can not IMAGINE how those conditions failed to require a muzzle if Brindi was to leave her property.

    Regardless of the conditions, what dog lover would walk their dog, a KNOWN dog killer, past another dog in public without a muzzle? If Brindi was your dog would she EVER leave the house without a muzzle?

    Unless a trainer or rescue steps forward, Brindi needs to be destroyed. This dog is a weapon in the hands of the current owner, and I hope the owner is used to make a point that the general public will not tolerate ANY unprovoked aggressive action towards pets or people from ANY dog, regardless of breed.

    In my mind, the only thing that comes out of this as a silver lining is that Brindi is an excellent example of both points Anti-Breed Ban groups/supporters are always trying to make – It’s not the BREED, it’s the OWNER. And ANY idiot owner can create a dangerous DOG, regardless of their parentage.

  3. What wasn’t covered in the story about the cat massacre in Everett Wa is: The sick cat had been at the shelter for over a week & no one managed to notice it was sick. They called all the foster homes for cats who had not even been at the shelter for weeks & made the fosters bring them in to be euthanized as well, that they also run a non-profit which listed 113K in cash assets but none of that was “wasted” on the cats according to their end of the year report to donors.

    I used to pull pit bulls from there because they have BSL, all dogs they perceive to be pit mixes are put in the back where the general public or owners, can not see them, they say they list them in a book at the front desk but I have seen many strays while picking up dogs for rescue that were NOT in the book, every single dog I picked up from there had injuries including broken bones & most of them were maced so badly you couldn’t even pet them. I complained about it & they took my dogs, killed one, showed up at the shelter 6 hours later with them 1 was bloody missing teeth & hypothermic, the other was bleeding from his rectum & unable to walk & the other was in the full throes of seizures & they “lost” my cat, he is presumed dead. I am still fighting them to find out what happened to them.

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