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Saving Pets has a suggestion for shelter directors who want to get pets adopted:

[…]We’ve got to move beyond the idea that threatening to kill [shelter pets] is any kind of motivating factor for the public to adopt. It’s not.

Adopters do want to save a life. They just don’t want to feel the awful pressure that if they visit you and see a pet, that not taking it will mean its death.

Thank you!  I bake treats and buy canned food for shelter pets but instead of donating them to my local kill shelter, I drive a fair distance to get to a wonderful no kill shelter and donate them there.  Because I can’t bear to look at all the doomed pets at my local shelter where the director says, “We kill our friend every day”.


A family in VA lost their dog and believe he was picked up by a county ACO.  The family called and visited the shelter looking for the dog but no luck – the dog had been adopted out.  The shelter contends the family didn’t come in to the shelter within the allotted time although the family disputes this.  The family has filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office.


On the subject of wolf management in MT:

Worse case, we would go to the PETA pound and save 1,000 dogs about to be killed by PETA and HSUS and stake them out in wolf areas – well fed and cared for of course – but when the wolves killed these dogs, get the wolves killed.

Apparently no one is taking this guy seriously.  *knock on wood*


KC Dog Blog has the story of a Kansas City dog owner who reached out to a local animal welfare group when she couldn’t afford enough food for her 3 dogs.


From Nathan Winograd:  Four Million Shelter Animals Want You!


Can I get a matching pair?

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