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A dog owner relates the story of having his pet euthanized by a vet who came to his home

A lady in Sugar Land, TX had been feeding two homeless kittens.  She brought them to the local shelter whose policy is to hold for at least 72 hours then, should the kittens remain unadopted, contact the surrendering party to give her an opportunity to reclaim.  Instead, the shelter killed the kittens upon intake then contacted the woman to issue an official oops.

Residents of Mojave Co, AZ were stunned when the county board hastily passed an ordinance limiting the number of dogs to 2 on properties one acre or less in size.   (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Local news reports on the no kill conference in south Florida which took place yesterday

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  1. Since the late 70’s our city and the surrounding areas have been restricted to two dogs/cats/rabbits or any combination thereof.

    It’s the most restrictive dog limit in the entire country.

    Size of pet, home or yard has no impact.

    Subsequently, the two dogs down the road who are dirty, matted, covered with feces and fleas spending their days and nights tied to trees are perfectly legal. And my three dogs and two cats (all of whom live indoors, are groomed regularly and kept warm, fed and enriched) are illegal. Well, three of them are, anyhow. Not only that, should Animal Control come knocking the by-law allows for a fine of $5,000 per animal over the limit, per day.

    Soooooo, my punishment, if caught and cited, would allow for a $15,000 fine PER DAY until I either rehomed or handed over three of my pets.

    Interesting, considering I could likely take any one of my animals outside and set it on fire – and would likely be dealt a small fine and perhaps probation.

    These government types really need to pull their heads out of their you-know-whats and start to enact laws that protect animals, neighbours and society from actual threats instead of contrived ones.

    My heart goes out to the people of Mojave Co.

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