PETA Advocates for “A Quick and Painless End” for Feral Cats in MD

PETA writes in a letter to the Prince George’s Co Council in MD, dated September 28, 2010:

We have been contacted by concerned Prince George’s County-
area citizens about a push by a small group of citizens to legislatively legitimize their hobby of feeding feral cats, without regard for the health and welfare of other animals or taxpayers in the community.

A fringe group of crazy cat ladies who will be the death of us all…

We strongly support the current law in Prince George’s County, which rightfully cites citizens who fail to properly care and house animals in their custody.

Where are the tens of thousands of citations for PETA then, pursuant to their failure to care for pets in their custody?

We receive countless reports of incidents in which cats—“managed” or not—suffer and die horrible deaths because they must fend for themselves outdoors. Having witnessed firsthand the gruesome things that can happen to feral cats, we cannot in good conscience oppose euthanasia as a humane alternative for dealing with overpopulation. Please know that this stance is based solely on what we believe to be the most humane option for these animals.

Yes we know PETA believes killing pets is “the most humane option”.  PETA makes that clear year after year by killing thousands and thousands of homeless pets without even trying to find homes for them.

PETA supports the efforts of animal control agencies when they rescue cats from the streets, even if a quick and painless end is the best that can be offered.

I notice they don’t reference any alternatives (such as cat sanctuary) that don’t involve death.

Communities that wish to effectively address animal overpopulation and its attendant public health and safety concerns can make serious headway by implementing ordinances that require citizens to spay and neuter their own animals, forbid the sale and trade of intact animals without a costly permit, and require local animal shelters to remain accessible and user-friendly by accepting all animals at all times without fees or reservations.

Oh do tell us how to run a successful shelter PETA – what size walk-in freezer do you find works best for storing the bodies?  And by the way, mandatory spay-neuter laws do NOT help pets and there is no such thing as “animal overpopulation”.  But don’t let the absence of truth slow you down.

Food left out by citizens who insist on feeding feral cats[…]

God damn them to hell!

[…]and leaving the animals homeless to fend for themselves attract a variety of other animals, including those who are considered “pests” and are common rabies vector species (raccoons, foxes, etc.).

So we’re all going to get rabies tomorrow if we help feral cats to live?  It’s a miracle we’ve survived as long as we have!

A response, all facty-like, from Prince George’s Feral Friends, dated October 11, can be read here.  The group has filed a lawsuit against the county for “imputing ownership of feral cats by virtue of feeding them”.

37 thoughts on “PETA Advocates for “A Quick and Painless End” for Feral Cats in MD

  1. Firstly, “A feral organism is one that has escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to a wild state.” (Wikipedia) Those without any prior human socialization are called “wild”.

    Second, cats have existed for thousands of years will little or no human supervision. As some people have snakes for pets, should we seek to kill all wild and feral snakes to save them from suffering and a horrible death? And what about deer? And what about members of PETA?

    1. All members of PETA should be put down immediately, to spare them the cruel and horrible death they will suffer if I ever get my hands on any of them! Just kidding, but it did feel really good to say it.

    2. Errr, not to contradict the highly accountable wisdom of wikipedia, but —

      “Feral” is a domestic animal (an individual of a species that has been domesticated) that is living out its life cycle without human husbandry. Doesn’t matter whether the animal is itself an escapee or castaway or the descendant of them.

      A wild animal is an animal whose ancestors were never domesticated. A “tame” cougar is still a “wild animal,” even though it may be far more socialized to human beings than an unhandled barn cat.

      A pig running around the swamps in Mississippi eating crabs and having babies in the bayou is *feral.*

      A gator doing the same thing is *wild.*

  2. PG County (where my husband was in a trial today) is likely popular in PeTA land. They ban and kill pit bulls. I know many people who refuse to spend money there for that reason alone.

    And if you think the DC police officer who killed Parrot, the dog at the community festival, was brutal, you should meet some of the PG County police.

  3. I saw a copy of this letter earlier this morning, prompting me to e-mail Teresa Chagrin. (I don’t expect much in the way of a response.)

    Among my concerns, are her assertions regarding the health of free-roaming cats and their alleged impact on wildlife:

    “Highly contagious diseases are common, as are infected puncture wounds, broken bones, painful urinary tract infections, brain damage, internal injuries, attacks by other animals or cruel humans, automobile accidents, and terrible living conditions like freezing or stifling temperatures, scrounging for food, and being considered a “nuisance,” through no fault of their own. Moreover, roaming cats terrorize and kill countless birds and other wildlife who are not equipped to deal with such predators.”

    I’m quite familiar with the literature on the subject, but this is the first time I’ve seen any mention of brain damage in feral cats.

    Also, as I have pointed out repeatedly on my blog Vox Felina (, the scientific claims about the impact of free-roaming cats on wildlife are plagued with errors, misrepresentations, and bias. The American Bird Conservancy, which Chagrin cites in her letter, is notorious for promoting such pseudoscience.

    There are legitimate issues to be debated concerning free-roaming cats (e.g., regarding the efficacy, environmental impact, and morality of TNR). But attempts at an honest, productive debate are hampered—if not derailed entirely—by the bogus claims so often put forward by opponents of free-roaming cats/TNR. Chagrin’s letter is just the latest in a long and shameful history of such sabotage from PETA and others.

    Peter J. Wolf

    1. I just adopted a kitten because he was labeled ‘unadoptable’ – his feral mom had a virus and he was born with brain damage. I had him at our vet two weeks ago and there were two more ‘wobbly’ kittens in the waiting room! Brain damage is a real issue with feral cats.

      1. It sounds like your kitten probably has cerebellar hypoplasia. In cats, CH is the result of exposure to the panleukopenia virus in utero. This can happen if a mother cat is unvaccinated, whether or not she is feral. Panleukopenia is one of the viruses that vets vaccinate cats against (it is the ‘P’ in the FVRCP vaccine. This vaccine is a standard component of a TNR program.

        Cats with CH can be excellent pets with a little extra consideration for their special needs (ie an easily accessible litterbox and a stimulating but safe environment–they are intelligent, just a bit uncoordinated). One of my all-time favorite cats had CH. He was quite a character, full of determination, and intent on being a ‘normal’ cat.

  4. I used to drink the PETA Koolide. But I’ve become more educated about where the money I’ve contributed to PETA in the past has gone, and I’m quite sick and tired of giving money to groups who essentially take that money to send out more brochures to make more money…and don’t actually save any animals…It is a grand Ponzi scheme perpetuated by PETA and others.
    I plan to give my money (small amounts, earned through very hard work) to groups I can see in my community. I can see the good they do. I know I’m getting real value for my meager donations.

  5. PG County is like some kind of twilight zone, or something. No other county in MD is like it. Do a search for cases of police shooting dogs there. It is appalling, and they are already receiving additional training, because it is such a problem. They only treat the citizens a tiny bit better.
    I don’t know what is going on w/ animal control there. The last few times I have looked it showed over 90 dogs, each time. I hope it is because someone is just not updating the info. I’d find it hard to believe a shelter in this area even had the capacity for that many dogs.
    We used to have a large, well organized TNR group in central MD. I’ll see if I can find them, and let them know about this. Maybe they can talk to the PG idiots.

  6. PeTA obviously knows nothing about the law in PG County, since there IS no law prohibiting feeding of cats or any other animal. The county’s Animal Control Statute specifically defines “feral” animals as “wild”, thereby putting them in the legal class of “King’s Critters” which CAN NOT be owned by individuals, any more than the birds or deer. PG ACOs warn individuals about “unlawful feeding” (a lie), then cite them for failure to license and vaccinate (required of owners).

    Several episodes of Compassion Watch TV at explain the law, the lawsuit, and what we are doing to build a no-kill community. The biggest obstacle right now is getting the WRONG people OFF of the bus. There is a director who wants to move in the right direction (attended Conference 2010 with 5 staff members) and a new administration coming in that has promised to support the new philosophy.

    The law suit got their attention. We’re looking for change soon.

  7. Maybe ask the cats how they feel? If someone were to offer killing me as a humane ending, I would probably disagree. PETA, have you fully and openly investigated TNR?

  8. Bleh. It’s too bad they won’t/aren’t partnering with the community to help with the spay/neuter like they do with so many thousands (upon thousands) of other domestic animals (8,000+ animals in 2009). They’re already providing the services, so it’s not like it would require more development. They’d just have to expand the scope of the program a little bit. Almost all other low cost or free speuter programs help with feral cats – the precedent is there.

  9. PETA should not be allowed to use “ethical” in their name because what they advocate is NOT ethical. It is false advertising to use the word.

    Let’s call them what they are PAKA–People who Advocate for Killing Animals (and killers themselves).

    1. They have a logical justification for what they see as ethical that you don’t agree with, which doesn’t actually make them unethical. Based on what you just said, unless you’re a vegan, you’re also a person who advocates for killing animals. Maybe you should start PAKA?

      Many of the things PETA advocates and does are ethical – free spay and neuter for example. Many are not. Fighting against their use of the term ethical is pointless.

      1. On what planet is killing healthy and treatable pets and not even trying to find them homes “ethical”? Is that the same planet where it is “ethical” to try to thwart the efforts of others to save animals?

      2. PETA doesn’t have a “logical” justification for killing feral cats that is consistent with their supposed goals and message. They advocate for animal RIGHTS, which would expressly forbid killing animals for convenience or even to supposedly prevent future suffering. We do not kill humans to prevent hypothetical future suffering, or even to relieve them of their current suffering. Humans have a RIGHT to life. They are hypocrites and bloody animal murderers. I am not going to judge a hunting group as hypocrites for advocating hunting, but I will judge an animal RIGHTS group for advocating for any kind of unnecessary killing!

      3. Pointing out hypocrisy is never pointless. Especially when an organization like PETA makes millions of dollars off that same hypocrisy.

  10. It’s not that rounding up and killing cats is even “quick and painless” as they suppose. What about the injuries from trapping? What about the infants separated from their moms that die of hunger, what about the stress of being held in a trap while they await their turn to be killed? And for a feral, it’s not going to be a gentle, loving hold while the needle slips in. It’s going to be a violent struggle, and euthanasia solution burns if it goes outside the vein. Try getting a clean stick on a feral cat without first sedating it. And people who don’t care about a feral cat’s right to life are not going to care about making sure every cat is thoroughly sedated before killing them.

    It’s just too horrible to consider. “Quick and Painless” my ass!

    [Not to mention that killing healthy companion animals, whether feral or not, is simply unethical in my book]

  11. PETA is run by a kill-crazy person, who has at least some of the others under her spell. Some may disagree, but like their jobs which don’t require them to kill. Their boss is invested in defending and promoting killing because she has done so much of it herself. If it’s not a good thing, where does that leave her?
    Let’s just kill everybody, so that nothing bad will ever happen to them. She needs to be kicked upstairs and replaced by sane leadership.

  12. Hey Newkirk, if the world’s a place “That is too dangerous for us, due to what might (or might never) happen”, why are YOU still walking it?

    Why didnt you give yourself and your family a ‘good death’, thus protecting yourself and your loved ones from the possibility of suffering or dying a cruel death?

    (Answer, because Newkirk is an insane murderer who needs to kill, even though she is aware that her lunatic excuses are nonsensical)

    Note: Injecting someone with a poisonous needle….murdering someone IS a cruel death.

    Newkirk, if this world’s safe enough for your sorry a$$ to walk it, it’s definitely safe enough for beautiful cats and dogs to walk it, you b*tch.

    I look forward to the day when PETA members grow a backbone, and develop a soul with a conscience, and peacefully overthrow you and your fellow murderous assassins.

    What a great day that will be.

  13. “They have a logical justification for what they see as ethical”

    PETA knows not one thing about what is ‘ethical’. If they did, they’d be No Kill.

    PETA knows not one thing about ‘logic’. If they did, they’d stop using terms like ‘good death’ and ‘killing (murder) is kindness’.

    PETA is not ‘justified’ in anything they do regarding cats and dogs…they are mass murderers who have killed 20,000 precious individuals in the last decade, and lobbied for millions more to be murdered..

    They are modern day nazis. Instead of prejudicial racism, they engage in prejudicial speciesism. Instead of ‘humanely euthanizing’ imperfect Aryan children and innocent precious Jews, they ‘humanely euthanize’ equally as innocent and precious cats and dogs.

    They are pimples on the rear ends of every cat and dog and every cat/dog lover everywhere. And they need to be popped.

  14. “PETA, have you fully and openly investigated TNR?”

    Seeing as how their lunatic asylum director, Ingrid Newirk, said “We do not believe in right to life for animals”, my guess is that the answer to your question is: They not only never fully investigated TNR…they never investigated it at all. After all, it would have taken away alot of their precious time they use to murder victims, to investigate such an ethical program.

    And being an unethical group, the fact that TNR is ethical would mean that PETA would never have given it proper consideration. Ethics is one of a murderer’s most dangerous enemies. Why? Because murder is not ethical.

  15. “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel”

    A quote from the Book of Proverbs that shows there is nothing new about possibly good intentions twisting and warping into cruelty if one’s heart is wicked.

    Truly “ethical” people act out of their hearts, in an ethical, compassionate fashion.

  16. I had the highest regard for PETA 25 years ago when I was in college, but they have changed so much since then. To be fair, HSUS and ASPCA have serious problems too, but PETA is by far the worst–you’ve hit bottom, Butcher of Norfolk. And I will continue caring for feral cats in Prince George’s County.

    1. No, Anne, PETA hasn’t changed.

      Ingrid Newkirk is co-founder of PETA, and Ingrid Newkirk has always held these “better dead than fed” views. Way back at the beginning of her career, when she was a “shelter” worker, she would go in early on kill days so that she could do the killing herself.

      What they’ve done from the very beginning is stake out an apparently-extreme position, get the public to move toward that position–and then move the bar. Wash, rinse, repeat. When you were a college student, it wasn’t apparent to you, or to most people, how extreme they really are. More and more people are realizing the truth, though, as they find it harder and harder to hide their real goals.

  17. I am so often appalled at the animosity that is directed towards these misunderstood creatures. This is not a life they chose for themselves. It was chosen for them by ignorant, selfish human beings. I help TNR, feed and care for a feral colony in my community and it sickens me when people react with disdain towards what I, and others like myself, are doing for these wonderful animals. I don’t care what laws are passed or what some people think, I will continue to help care for these beautiful animals. I send my support and encouragement to the people in Prince George’s County who have the courage and compassion to continue to help these unfortunate creatures!

  18. About 5 years ago, I personally trapped and had neutered, 8 feral cats. Up until then, the condo association had their handyman round them up and take them to the SPCA for extermination. The remaining 8 have daily food and water, and have sturdy shelters. They live in a small, hidden area that is owned by the township, not the condos. It is full of poison ivy, which doesn’t affect the cats. The cats have remained healthy all of these years, and I’m sure would tell you that they’d rather keep living than meet a quick and painless end while they are still healthy. If you are going to feed a homeless animal, you must do something to sterilize that animal. I do not believe in feeding without neutering.

  19. Enough with the excuses, If you are a responsible cat owner,we would not be having this discussion, individuals/organizations trying to make a change,as soon as someone starts talking about accountability the excuses start to flood in. Therefore be responsible and supervise your cats andstead of allowing them to roam freely.I’m all for neutering animals, but that is not enough, it does not fix other issues such as a irresponsible cat owner, damaged property that occurs when cats are allowed to roam.Yes a righteous man does regardeth the life of his beast by being a responsible cat owner and knowing boundarys-supervising his animals so they do not become a nuisance to others.if you are not responsible for your own animals, someone else will take care of that for you.Wheather there is laws to hold you accountable for your cats or not, there is always consequences when you allow it to roam freely.People have a God given right to protect there investments period. some of you are upset because you don’t want to be held accountable for your animals actions,Therefore your logic skills are in question.

  20. Is it not ethical to have laws to hold irresponsible cat owners accountable for there cats? we should have laws to hold cat owners accountable period,if we did we wouldin’t have these cat issues, look if you dont have consequences for your actions people take advantage of this, this is not being uncompassionate for the cat,this is loving your animals,caring about the cats well being. Health and safety for everyone involved,not neglecting your responsibility as most do without laws for cat owners.Nobody should be feeding roaming cats, what you need to be doing is contacting the proper authoritys to take care of the thing you know someone is hoarding cats causing health and safety issues.

  21. PETA – kills 97% of all animals they “save” – you can Google it and find that rate. For ANY group that proposing that it is an animal RIGHTS group – killing in and of itself is WRONG. They say one thing and do another.

    First they take on the pit bull “problem” of being vicious dogs…along with HSUS and other animal groups. Now all across the US we pit owners are fighting an uphill battle against what these groups have done in the past – and something PETA STILL continues to promote.

    Now PETA is pushing the button on the feral cat issue. Kill, kill, kill. Again, for a group that supports an animals RIGHTS – I guess they are only saying that we can’t use animals in labs to develop cures for diseases. (How is Mary Beth’s diabetes doing by the way? VP of PETA is using insulin and excuses it as that she needs it to continue her work for the animals – hypocrticial.)

    They send out their “studies” to prove they are right – studies that are in fact being disproved daily and in fact aren’t really studies but more along the lines of “opinion”. They think that because they are PETA that people will listen to them and follow their advice. Sadly, of all the national known groups that work with animals PETA SHOWS their hypocrisy openly, while they others do it under the table and lie about it.

    When I was younger I fell into the crowd of thinking about animals as having RIGHTS. and I do still believe they do – they have the right to live, be fed, given fresh water, vet care, exercise, etc. But I still do not think they deserve the same rights as a person. As they can not vote, pay taxes, etc. I think that any group that promotes one agenda publicly while doing something else behind the scenes is just abusing their “power” and not only do they need to be exposed – they need STOPPED! I am glad to see Prince George stand up to them….we need more cities/government offices take a stand against these unethical groups. I applaud Prince George for doing this!!!

  22. Yet…NOT ONE PeTA member would advocate for a ‘Quick and Painless End’ for themselves and their families.

    Not only are PeTA unethical, speciesist, hypocrites. They are unethical, speciesist, hypocritical murderers.

    Who cares what the knuckleheads in PeTA advocate for?

    I advocate for every one of Peta’s gutless members who sit idly by while animals die, getting a shoe shoved up their gluteus maximus’s.

    Looking to PeTA for a solution to the end of the mass murder of cats and dogs is like looking to Hitler for a solution to the end of the mass murder of innocent Jews.

    You’re looking at the problem, not at the solution.

    Here’s the solution:

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