Treats on the Internets

A detailed look at the people, groups, and positions for and against Prop B in Missouri

Pet owners in West Terre Haute, IN are being subjected to a newly passed ordinance which is pretty broad in its scope.  Among the items included:

The ordinance states that a town enforcement agency or designee “shall be permitted to inspect at any time the premises and all animals located thereon where such animals are harbored. If neglect or abuse is apparent, animal may be seized immediately.”

In addition, an animal owner can be given 12-hour notice to provide veterinary care to an animal before being cited by ordinance enforcement authorities, according to the ordinance.

A former staffer at The McIntosh Co Animal Shelter in GA claims she was fired for being a Pitbull advocate.  She’s now speaking out about the shelter director’s bias against the breed.  The director says that’s untrue and it’s simply a case of a disgruntled employee trying to get attention.

A little write-up on 2 of the dogs saved from the Spalding Co Animal Shelter in GA which had to empty out some of its runs due to state ordered renovations.

Raised by Wolves talks about taking cues from Rottweilers to determine their intent – ALL the cues (great side by side video quiz for you to participate in as well)

Pet Connection has a post describing a visit to a kennel housing a pack of happy hunting hounds

BFAS encourages shelters to participate in a one-day-only, $5 kitty sale (Thank you Clarice for the link)

New study looks at canine anxiety and attitude

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  1. our local SPCA had a cat program called “Free to a REALLY Good Home” that was massively successful.
    They did complete checks as they would for an adoption with a donation and just the promotion of the program made people aware of the need to adopt the cats.

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