What are the Dogs Drinking at the Abbeville Animal Shelter?

A family in Abbeville, SC recently lost their dog so mother and daughter went to the city shelter to look for him.  Welcome to Hell:

She said she saw dogs living in cages standing in their own waste, green water in water dishes and in some instances, no water at all.

There is a video at the link that the mother shared with the local news.  It contains shots of dogs being housed inhumanely at the shelter.  The TV news crew went to the shelter to see for themselves but they weren’t allowed inside.  Apparently since the “shelter” is located at a sewage plant/police training area (for reals), they don’t allow the public in for “safety” reasons.  Therefore, they don’t do adoptions.  In the video, the mom says she confronted an ACO about the shelter conditions and was told there is a drainage problem.

A drainage problem.  At a sewage plant.  Where homeless dogs are being “sheltered” and drinking green water.

No one would speak on camera regarding the allegations of neglect at the shelter but a city official did e-mail a statement to the news station.  It reads, in part:

Historically, the City of Abbeville has attempted to partner with the Abbeville Humane Society and turn the services of sheltering animals over to the organization; however we have not had any success in our attempts.

I didn’t really get that so I looked up the Abbeville Humane Society. It is apparently a network of foster homes.  The link on their site for “Available Pets” refers you to Petfinder.  Their “Adoptable Pets List” there turns up “There are no pets that match your search criteria”.  Their Petfinder page states:



The Greater Abbeville Humane Society has no physical shelter facility at this time. Each adoptable animal is cared for at an approved foster home and may be available for showing and/or interaction upon request.

So the city keeps dogs at a sewage plant in conditions unfit for a cockroach and says they’ve been trying to work with the local HS for adoptions but haven’t had any luck.  The local HS has no facility, their fosters are all filled to capacity but they have no pets available for adoption.  What is going on here?

I reached out to the Abbeville HS to see if they had a response to the story but haven’t received a reply.  If I do, I will update this post.

The city official remarks in his statement that “The City of Abbeville has not received any monetary donations from the public for operating the animal shelter on record for the last decade, thereby finances are provided by the City’s General Fund.”  I find this comment interesting.  This “animal shelter” – which is what it says on the sign – is closed to the public, located at a sewage plant and apparently abuses the dogs in their care.  And when contacted by the local news regarding a taxpayer complaint on the horrible conditions at the shelter, the city official notes that the public hasn’t been sending in cash?  Whaaaaa?

I’m not sure how confident we’re supposed to feel here but, per the city official:

We take any city compliant [sic] seriously and are in the process of internally investigating the compliant [sic].

Internal investigation.  Let me guess how this one turns out.

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  1. Great job getting this out to us. I could do it, but I think it would be better coming from you or the woman complainant – how about posting this on Facebook?

    We activists can be a very vocal group, you know. Slippery politicians and lazy city officials can sense us coming from ten miles away!

    If you doubt the power of Facebook, check out the recent history of Robeson County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. You’ll note they transferred the incompetent shelter manager, Jeff Bass, and have hired a replacement. Continued pressure is making them correct the place – and they actually have a real shelter, not some hideous hole at a treatment plant.

    Get this on Facebook and let us have a go at it…

    1. I don’t doubt FB is very popular and can be useful. I just don’t happen to like it (I’m much more of a Twitter type). I do have a sort of anonymous FB account I keep so I can look in on shelters (like Robeson) and other animal advocate happenings. But I don’t visit regularly or post things really.

      1. Just to let you know….I saw this on facebook, and know of several friends that have already reposted….the word is definitely getting out! And for me, via facebook! So, don’t count us FB junkies out!!

    2. Update on ABBEVILLE (South Carolina) – I sent an email to Abbeville’s newspaper and to the main paper in Charleston asking them to get out in front of this developing story. I ask all of you to take a moment and do the same. Please?

      We can bring about some change to this hideous place. All we need are some voices.

      1) Abbeville’s weekly paper = westcarolina@wctel.net

      2) Charleston’s daily paper = http://www.charleston.net/ (it’s an online comment form)

      3) Story about city pound = http://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/what-are-the-dogs-drinking-at-the-abbeville-animal-shelter/

      This link is to a list of all SC newspapers. Knock yourself out!
      Link = http://www.scpress.org/sc_newspapers.html

      Thanks so much. Let’s save some lives!

      1. This post is fake I’ve been to this animal shelter many times and it is not like this. The people who made this post are just trying to get their 10 seconds of fame.

  2. Mind if I hand it off to others to take it and run with it? I’d link to post a link to your blog. With your permission?

    Let’s save some lives, right?

  3. They are complaining that the public hasn’t donated to THAT? Seriously? Even if it was a clean shelter, most people do not want to donate to a shelter that kills the majority of the animals. How would they know that they donations aren’t going to buy more “blue juice” instead of actually helping animals? This is one reason I do not send money to a kill shelter.

    I’m also going to guess that if you questioned citizens in that area, most wouldn’t know that the “shelter” even exists. I’ve found that most Houstonians do not know that BARC exists (Houston’s animal control).

  4. From the original article:

    “The City of Abbeville promotes responsible pet ownership, including encouraging sterilization practices and the implant of microchips for pet identification to connect lost pets to their owners. The City Animal Control Services provides the ability to reconnect lost animals with their owners.”

    Under these conditions? Really? They say this shizz with a straight face?

    Maybe they should write a book: “Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Responsible Pet Ownership, I Learned at the Sewage Treatment Plant”.

    1. They didn’t answer the reporter’s questions even. All they did was craft some dumb statement that would put them in the best possible light. *yawn*

  5. To Valerie and Bett, couldn’t you guys with all your exposure on Facebook get this awful place some attention? This place sucks and those city folks sound like they might need a gentle prod like Jeff bass did.

    I’ll post it out with my group if you can get it going tonight? Thanks, friends!

  6. Um, do they not charge for dog licenses?

    Dog license revenue is specifically set aside to fund a city’s animal control department – and as Calgary can prove, the highest quality service can be provided at NO additional cost to the taxpayer.

    NOT an excuse. At all.

    1. Not all (and probably very few actually) are set up in such a way that fees and fines go back into the animals. Unless your area is set up this way most of the money goes into a general city or county fund. For the politicians use.

      I believe that’s why there’s such a push lately to increase fees. They say it’s about animal control but it’s about increasing area funds.

      I think this is why it’s so hard to get them to enforce the laws ON THEIR BOOKs, too. They don’t want to go out and answer a call that is only going to bring them in twenty or so bucks but if we increase it to five hundred, we’ll even make up a few things to get the job done along the way.

      At least that’s the way I’m starting to look at these things.

  7. How totally animal abuse! you dont even have can this be allowed! you dont even have a humane society!! ever hear of asking for help! we on facebook help with things all the time! there is no reason for this kind or any kind of abuse!

  8. I have heard it said that anytime the spotlight shines on this animal “shelter”, the response has been to threaten to just close it down, meaning any dog that came in the front door would just be put down immediately and no rescues/adoptions allowed. Currently at least, AAVA (Animal Aid for Vermillion Area) is able to rescue at least some of the inmates. We must be careful not to push them to the shut down point. We would not be doing the animals incarcerated there any favors by doing so.

    1. perhaps everyone is not on the right track about this. Any shelter can be cleaned and maintained at a minor cost,If those who are supposed to be in charge cant or wont do the assigned job, let us offer to take over this abusive shelter and run it in a proper fashion? I myself can and would run such a place where the animals would come first!It sounds to me like the ones in charge dont wanna be bothered with caring for these poor animals,so lets offer to take the burden off them all together.The building or its location are not the primary problem – its the peeps in charge of it! Theres the problem and i offer the solution to the public – Ed………

  9. and more I’m hearing…
    They’ve already had board meetings about shutting it down to the public and would just love the opportunity to do this as they need county funding for other areas…

    This is coming from one of the few rescuers in the area.

    The animals will be the ones who pay for any action launched against this so called “shelter”.

    1. It would seem that the animals are already paying dearly.

      I’ve heard these same warnings here. People are afraid to speak or didn’t want me to speak because it might make it worse. I even the excuse that “if there was enough money, the city would already be spending it on the animals, but there isn’t”. It was BS. They have increased the budget by millions last year.

      One person even said I was causing “Dr. Death” to kill more animals because I speaking up about atrocities. Well Dr. Death is gone now… fired and so are the other HORRIBLE employees.

      I just don’t think people should be silent about atrocities such as this. People there need to speak up loud and clearly that this will not be tolerated. They need to get it into the media as often as they can. Since the people running the “shelter” will not do the right or humane thing on their own accord, they should shamed publically.

      Personally, I believe it is time to stop buying into these threats and scare tactics that keep this kind of cr*p hidden from the light of day.

  10. I understand the fears about speaking out. Abusers instill these fears in their abused. In a dynamic that is common both in domestic abuse situations and shelter abuse situations, the abuser holds their human victims in his or her thrall by threatening animals that those people care about, and by carrying out those threats for emphasis. It is absolutely a concern that such people will commit worse acts of abuse on the animals or kill more of them as retaliation for being exposed as abusers. They are what they do. It is this dynamic that perpetuates this system. But this can’t be the only consideration. If people don’t do something about this *it will never change*. Unless people take action to reform this shelter, it will never get better. The goal has to be making it better, making it a real shelter, not to hold together a broken system wit bits of scotch tape, a system where dogs wallow in sewage, have only filthy water to drink, aren’t allowed to be adopted and where the public (who is made to pay for this atrocity) is treated with contempt.

  11. Gee, I wonder how this place fared when inspected by our beloved Georgia Dept. of Ag. Passed with flying colors, no doubt!

  12. Great going all of you. Thanks for getting out the word so quickly. You’re really wonderful.

    Valerie, that was an incredible comment. Beautifully worded. Wish I had written it.

    Cheryl, your concerns are well founded, but really how can that city do any worse? No adoptions, no public allowed, horrible conditions. They’ve already essentially shut down this place. That’s not even have a shelter!

    Sounds like it’s time for a lawsuit against the city or some criminal charges…

  13. As you posted at the very top of this article:
    “Shelter (noun): Something that affords protection; a refuge, a haven”

    This placed neither provides adequate protection or refuge” it provides a locked door to a chance of freedom period. These dogs do not stand a chance – the people of Abbeyville need to unite and protest these inhumane conditions. This is the USA,not some third world country – there is great shame here – no public is allowed? No media – this is extremely disturbing and I hope that the media will not accept this “safety” as a reason for not being allowed entrance – of course they are hiding something – dogs living in squalor – this is totally unacceptable – do not let this horrific situation to be swept under the carpet with the dust of the dead dogs – get in there and clean the place up, these dogs have not committed any crime – the only crime here is the way the animals are being treated – no respect, no medical care – disgusting living conditions, what does it take to clean out a water bowl and put clean water in it? This is the tip of the iceburg – someone – everyone needs to get in there and rescue these poor animals now – not later – if this one dog in this photo is representative of the animals living in there – no “existing” in there then this place needs to be investigated. If people are being paid to run this place then people of Abbeyville – your taxes are paying for this disgusting place and I suggest come election time you remember this – more photos – send them to every newspaper far and wide – post them at every grocery store in color – let them see how the dogs of Abbeyville are being “sheltered” stand up – speak loudly and show your disgust because that is what it is – shameful disgust and these dogs deserve much more than this.

  14. This is not a new problem here at K(r)aplan pound…sewer plant pound. The state of Louisiana; Department of Agriculture, Parish President, Police, local Department of Health and everyone else involved with overseeing the general welfare of animals in Louisiana is negligent in allowing this shelter to operate under these squalid conditions and with NO adoption program! For anyone trying to adopt or rescue an animal from this place, it is like trying to adopt a child from a foreign country! The only ones who try to find homes for these animals are a handful…literally handful, of volunteer woman. The local parish allows suffering of the animals by not offering an adoption program, guess it’s easier to dump them in the gas chamber.
    If anyone wants first hand experience of how this place works, try to save a life and adopt an animal from here…good luck!!!

    1. CORRECTION! My comment was directed towards Kaplan pound in ABBEVILLE,Louisiana, not this shelter..my apologies.

  15. This is bizarre and has to be changed ASAP. Internal investigation- uhuh. Let’s write officials, newspapers, let’s change this situation. These animals are bring abused, and there are police who are also aware of it—- Shame on them

  16. Watched the video. That lady makes an excellent spokesperson.
    If it is not obvious to everyone, no city is going to be able to provide the type of animal care that everyone wants. The only solution it to do it yourself by volunteering or building a no kill shelter. It is a lot work.

    1. No, Rob, sorry, it isn’t actually necessary to have the “shelter” at a sewage treatment facility, to leave the cages filthy, to not change the water even when it becomes green, to forbid the public access, or to simply not do adoptions.

      Budgetary constraints might require the cheapest food available, or cages rather than real kennel runs for the dogs and a good cat habitat for the cats. It might mean asking the public to donate blankets, towels, or old pet beds rather than buying pet beds.

      It doesn’t mean leaving the animals to rot in conditions that would–RIGHTLY!–get a private owner charged with neglect or even abuse.

      1. It never ceases to amaze me that for every story of horrific ‘shelters’ that comes out, there are always people who will pop up to defend/minimize the crimes and abuses being perpetrated on the animals, and refuse to hold the shelter staff/management/city leaders accountable in any way. The double standard some people have in regards to shelters/rescues vs private citizens’ treatment of pets boggles my mind.

      2. Whoa Nelly! I wasn’t defending anything. I was saying you can sit here and post and raise cain all you want but the only way change is going to happen is for you to jump in and get your hands dirty. The exception of course are authors of sites like this one that get the word out to the workers. Thye are leveraging their postings.

        Help someone get the job of director or volunteer to help them find an ACO or whatever they need. Real change comes from within.
        I don’t make this up. I get my philosophy from Nathan’s No-Kill Nation. It is the blueprint on how to fix things. You just have to supply the manpower.
        BTW my niche is lost pet searches, volunteer basis, in addition to working a fulltime job plus some. Trying to find them before Animal Control or worse gets them. For most of my searches getting caught and sent to that shelter would be a blessing. Your seeing the ones that are found.

    2. Rob, unfortunately, your original comment is still there, and we can all see that you did defend this place and place the blame on the critics.

      And part of making slaughterhouses like this change is LETTING PEOPLE KNOW what’s going on there, and letting these slaughterhouses know that institutionalized abuse is not what we’re looking for in our “shelters.”

      And you have absolutely ZERO idea what anyone else here is doing, so your assumption that everyone except Yesbiscuit herself is a lazybutt just complaining is, y’know, completely unfounded.

  17. At some point, the South Carolina Animal Control Association did an evaluation of the City of Abbeville Animal Control shelter (http://www.scacca.org/evaluations.htm) Failure is happening with this shelter on so many levels. For a Animal Control Association to evaluate this hell on Earth and to essentially be ok with they way it looks disgusts me.
    Although, I can’t say I’m surprised considering the leader of the SCACC is Marli Drum, Director of Columbia Animal Control. That place is a dump, filled with mean staff/poor customer service, a high kill rate, and a hidden BSL within the shelter (they don’t let pit bulls out alive).
    In a news story back in 2008 (http://www.wyff4.com/news/15901698/detail.html) they stated that ‘nearly’ 100% of the animals are killed.

  18. i was unaware that city run shelters expected donations… i just assumed tax dollars paid for the ‘service’. i’m not sure most people would ever think of donating to the pound

  19. Welcome to (Hell) The Abbeville Animal Shelter? / Holding Tank.

    I am the spokesperson who took this to Chanel News 7;
    My Daughter and I did find our dog! Thanks to all who showed concern.
    The help from a special person who came to the rescue for the animals from (HELL) as quoted, who put these animals on her farm and some in the hands of other rescuers. You are Blessed and Thanked.
    This is a fantastic Blog for sharing information and I am so glad we connected. I have heard from many people from everywhere. Thank you all for the support. But what is needed; is everyone’s help for the animals that are there now, to get with me for a protest in Abbeville; the citizens who live in the city/county and pay taxes. This Hell needs to be stopped; and the animals that are there now needs to be saved. I can assure you this is legally being handled and other issues are going to come out of this. The day the Rescuer and I retrieved the animals from the shelter; (1) was left behind a black lab mixed (we were told that we could not take him, he just got there that day. I asked why? we were told that the owner was coming to pick it up. This was an out right LIE; I found the person, went to the house where the animal came from. I have a written affidavit stating; the animal control guy was told this was not there animal. I called him up; told him that, and I wanted the dog. This was on Saturday; he stated I could not have the dog until the following Tuesday. Again I asked why, (REGULATIONS) I was told. I called him Tuesday he told me to meet him at the police dept. and he will bring me the dog. I did, he also had a police officer with him, he handed me adoption papers which titled city/county, to sign. Now this is from a shelter who states in the news they (ARE NOT A ADOPTION SHELTER); either they are all idiots or uneducated as to what they say. I have the proof in video, from the statements, to the news station and the local new paper (THE ABBEVILLE PRESS AND BANNER) QUOTED: THE SHELTER IS NOT PROVIDED AS AN ADOPTION FACILITY AND IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. AT THE SAME TIME IN THE NEXT COLUMN
    STATES, IN (MOST) CASES THE PET IS EITHER RECONNECTED WITH ITS OWNER OR PROVIDED FOR (ADOPTION) AT THE CITY POLICE DEPT. WHICH THIS SHELTER IS A DIVISION OF THE CITY POLICE AND COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPT. I took the animal home. Now you need to remember this animal survived in that (Hell- Hole) from Friday till Tuesday. I drove down there throughout the weekend to see if anyone was there. I never saw anyone checking on the dog. So this animal had to eat, sleep, drink, and wallow in his on urine and feces. Tues night the animal got very sick started throwing up with diarrhea. I called the animal control guy (Ricky)he said he probably has Provo; he would pick him up in the morning and he will have to be put down. My Daughter called him back and said do not come to our home, my mother and I are going to doctor him and take him to the Vet in the Morning. I took him to Emerald Vet Hospital in Greenwood; I had explained to the Vet where he came from and the situation; to no expression. The Vet a female gave him a rectal exam and said he is a BIG POSITIVE PROVO, and we are not set up to treat him there; she told us of a clinic in Anderson SC who can treat him with IV’s; in a hospital setting; which she said could run up to a couple of thousand. When asked about his survival rate she continued to say he probably would live maybe 2 days and the chances of survival is 50/50. I asked her if and could ? when she made her notes (COULD) it have come from the (shelter), she said she could not say that, and it would be around $250 to put him to sleep there and dispose of him or we can take him back to the shelter. Question? (WHY WOULD SHE SUGGEST SUCH A THING AFTER WHAT I TOLD HER AT THE BEGINNING OF THE VISIT ABOUT WHAT WAS GOING ON. THE NERVE OF TELLING US WE CAN TAKE HIM BACK THERE). We told her we would never take him back to that (Hell-Hole) again even to die. She then said I could take him to the HS in Greenwood, it would cost nothing to put him to sleep and dispose. I went to the HS knocking on the door they were already closed. I was very upset and crying they opened up. Chris came to my car,looked at the animal and said this dog does not look like any Provo animals he has seen. I will not put this dog down. He got on the phone called Kinards Animal Hospital and sent us there. The VET and his Secretary stated this dog does not look like a Provo case; but I will treat him based off what the other Vet said. The Vet gave him fluids, a shot; I took him home and was going back in the morning for more treatments. The next morning the Vet said he doesn’t need any treatments. It was questionable it being Provo. I asked the Vet if he could have gotten it through the situation he came from such as his food, water or worst; he said that was very possible. The dog was playing eating not throwing up nothing. he was treated only one time, he’s fine. Today he is fine. Now we have a problem. One of the animals that came out of the (Hell-Hole) as you saw on the video footage died with the same symptoms the next day. Today I spoke with the Rescuer; one more of the animals is sick throwing up blood and diarrhea. It was taken to the Vet. The Vet said it is not Provo. I am not sure what it is yet. Now This is the third animal coming out of that (Hell-Hole) that has been sick with the same symptoms. Question? are these animals being starved to death? living and eating in this sewage factory with the possibility of being poisoned also???? maybe to keep expenses down for the city/county; who knows? Question? was the dog I picked up, after they held it (5)days; that I decided to keep, (A PRODUCT) of revenge from exposing that (Hell-Hole) to the Press/News Station. Another question? This is also called a Police Training Facility ???? What do they shoot at????? where ????? Liars, Liars, Liars and if they had nothing to hide; Chanel News Station 7 would have been allowed in. My theory is they did not want the news to expose the animal that had been there by itself 5 days, which would have exposed them to the conditions. Stated by employee (Ricky) when I first appeared on the property looking for my dog, I asked him where do these animals get there food from? his answer: (PEOPLE COME DOWN HERE DROP OFF FOOD AND THROW FOOD OVER THE FENCE)DA! didn’t sound like it was closed to the public until now! It states in the news by the city IT’S NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC). After I showed up on the scene, they took the sign down at the road pointing where to turn to get to(HELL)and as you drive to the facility the big sign ‘ABBEVILLE ANIMAL SHELTER’ that was on the pin was also taken down. This is all an update to what’s been going on. I am in the process of gathering all the names who was involved in all this. A word to the (NEW) ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER; OF 4 MOS. (HIS WORDS), WHO SEEMS TO WANT TO COME ACROSS TO ME AS A SMARTASS AND BUMP HEADS WITH ME. I FIRST WENT INTO YOUR OFFICE TO HELP AND FIND A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM, YOU EVEN STATED WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU! I AM SURE YOU ARE READING EVERYTHING YOU CAN FIND PERTAINING TO ALL THIS AND I AM SURE YOU WILL COME ACROSS THIS ARTICLE AT SOME POINT. THE DAY YOU CALLED ME: IN REFERENCE TO HAVING A MEETING WITH SEVERAL PEOPLE FROM TOWN EVEN SETTING A TIME; THEN SENDING ME AN E-MAIL CANCELING THE MEETING, NOT TO POSTPONE IT BUT TO CANCEL. YOU ALSO SAID YOU WOULD SHUT IT DOWN IF I FOUND SOMEONE TO TAKE THE ANIMALS THAT WAS THERE AT THAT TIME. (I DID) AND WHEN I ASKED YOU AT THE (HELL-HOLE) AS I WATCHED YOU AND OTHERS CLEANING UP TRASH AND DUMPING OUT BAD WATER. ARE YOU GOING TO CLOSE IT NOW THAT I FOUND SOMEONE? YOU SAID NO. THE NEXT DAY YOU CALLED ME AS WE SPOKE THAT DAY YOU STARTED ON THE DEFENSIVE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CONVERSATION, YOU SAID THAT THE ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER ONLY MADE $22,000 A YEAR NOT MUCH MONEY FOR ALL THE WORK HE DOES. MY REPLY ; THAT’S NOT MY FAULT WHAT YOU PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES AND THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ANIMALS LIVING CONDITIONS IN THAT SHELTER. AT THAT POINT; YOU WERE VERY NONCHALANT AND SAID IT VERY CALM AND CLEAR; OH! BY THE WAY HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR DOG YET? MY RELY WAS NO. YOUR REPLY WAS MY MAN IS OUT LOOKING FOR YOUR DOG RIGHT NOW. AGAIN I SAID, MY MISSING DOG AND YOUR EMPLOYEE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONDITION THE ANIMALS LIVE IN AT THAT (HELL-HOLE). MY WORD TO YOU; I FOUND MY OWN DOG LOOKING DAY AND NIGHT; PUTTING UP FLYERS EVEN ON FACE BOOK, 6 DAYS LATER 5 MILES FROM MY HOME;I (REUNITED) MYSELF WITH MY OWN ANIMAL. THANK GOD YOU DID NOT FIND HIM, SOMETHING IN MY HEART TELLS ME HE WOULD BE DEAD NOW IF YOU HAD. YOU ALSO TOLD ME THE CITY PAYS THE COUNTY. IT’S THE OTHER WAY AROUND THE COUNTY PAYS YOU TO UPKEEP THE (HELL-HOLE). EITHER YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TRAINED AS TO WHAT’S WHAT OR WHO PAYS WHO. I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU ARE YOUR POSITION. I DO CARE ABOUT THOSE POOR HELPLESS ANIMALS IN THAT PLACE YOU DEFEND. I HOPE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE (AWARE OF) HOW THOSE ANIMALS HAVE TO LIVE AND DIE, SLEEP GOOD AT NIGHT. JUST HOPE YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THAT ONE DAY. YOU NEVER KNOW WITH THE WAY JOBS AND THE ECONOMY IS; ESPECIALLY THE WAY PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE RUNNING YOUR ON CITIES.

    Please to all who can help these animals in the (Hell-Hole) at this moment; if you can call me at 864-341-9869 / or e-mail me at teresav_remu@yahoo.com, I would like to meet this Tuesday in Abbeville in the middle of the square 12:00 noon. To openly discuss how to shut down the shelter. It does not need to be in a sewage area and the shelter itself is not properly fit to keep animals in. Also to get it opened up and get the animals out and placed to safety. As a team and a tax payer we can help these animals. If no one can do this; I do understand with working and time. I will still fight this until something is done somehow. I would like to thank, Nancy & Chris for saving my new addition to my home. You are great people and I am glad our paths have crossed.
    I also would like to Thank the Kinard Animal Hospital.

    Please forgive any type o’s.

    Teresa Uzzell

  20. Teresa,
    I’m very glad to see you are taking action on this. I’m several states away, so I can’t attend the protest in person. If you could provide any information on the people responsible for this situation, I will call or write, and express my disapproval. I can work on hunting the information up myself, but it sounds like you already have. Please share it.
    Are any of these people up for re-election next week?

    1. Thanks Laura for your support and help!
      I would love to find out; to your question

      Up Date: I have a written letter from Dr. Kinard Hospital who has treated some of these animals from the Abbeville Shelter; and the conditions were unsatisfactory; and the animals remaining there needs to be moved Out!


  21. Sorry, off topic, but wanted YesBiscuit to know about this, and did not know how to reach-?
    This shelter in Floyd co., GA has recently suspended all volunteers, rescues, crossposting on FB, ect. It seems they have a lot they don’t want the public to know about. I have some contact info., if anyone wants it.

  22. The city administrators of Abbeville has been aware of this problem for over two years now. When I owned an antique store in downtown Abbeville, I used to rescue animals from the pound and find them homes through my store. I also caught cats from our square and placed them in homes because I knew if the animal control officer caught them he was just going to kill them. I placed 54 cats and 18 dogs through my store. That is when I brought attention to the city manager, the chief of police and the sheriff about the conditions of the pound. Then I began trying to revive the humane society and trying to get something done about the pound. The city manager got us a key so we could go in and clean and feed the animals of the pound and then they changed the locks at the pound. We were taking food to them as well as volunteering to go there and clean up the place. That’s when they changed the locks. The city nor the chief of police would not work with us. We had a meeting with the city council and they voted to back us up on our endeavors to correct the problem. We paid the State $350 for do an inspection of the pound. They did and gave us a copy of the results. Not only did the chief not enforce any changes for improvement, but it has gotten worse over time. The State did not follow up. I no longer live in Abbeville so I don’t know what is going on with the humane society anymore. But, I do know that the city officials have been made aware of this problem and they simply do not care. The new assistant city manager just started in Abbeville recently and has no idea how long this fight has been going on, that may explain why he won’t grant an interview. He has no idea what he is talking about. I have pictures of collars with tags hanging up on the wall where they have taken them off of animals they have caught, not trying to find owners, and then in three days killing every animal in the pound. I still have 4 special needs cats that I got from that pound that almost died from the crap they caught while in that facility, and still has ailments and disabilities to this day. People in Abbeville have complained about the pound, but when the authority figures who are responsible and who have within their abilities to fix a problem, not caring enough to do it, who else can you go to? The Chief of Police is responsible for the city animal control officer and the running of the shelter itself. The Sheriff is responsible for the county animal control officer and pays the city for use of the facility. The City Manager and the City Council also control the Chief’s responsibilities to his officer. They are all dropping the ball !!!!!

  23. I posted my story and comments on my own space because I was so upset I didnt want to say all that I had to say on someone elses blog.
    They treat human beings as bad as they do animals and they absolutely have NO EXCUSE. my comments based on my own personal experience including when they killed my 7 puppies a few years ago when I told them plain as day that I was coming the next day to pick them up and I did not know they had my puppies.The man was mean and hateful and I called back the next day and he just said, your dogs are dead as if he did it to be abusive. There is a lot more to this story on my blogs,just search windtalkermeister, I have been telling my own story of suffering and abuse . They are cruel to animals and people and its not the first time they have had complaints against them for this type of thing with animals, they have had many other complaints against them in the past about mistreating animals. There was a story and blog not that long ago about similar problems. I think it was when the greenwood humaine society was asked to help or set up a humaine society in abbeville, I cant remember those details but it wouldnt be hard to find out about. I think a worker there also reported abuse of the animals. I cant find it on the internet anymore but it was a big deal and maybe the greenwood sc humaine society remembers those complaints a couple or so years ago


  24. posted this morning on the Abbeville Animal Shelter’s Facebook page… “Until further notice there will be no adoption fee for any animal adopted from the Abbeville Animal shelter.”

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