One Small Step: NC Shelter Becomes More Rescue Friendly

Remember Renee Sisk?  She’s the Craven Co District 4 Commissioner who tried to intervene to prevent the local shelter from needlessly killing a healthy puppy who had an adopter waiting.  Ms. Sisk has “vowed to make county animal shelter reform her top priority until she leaves office at the end of the year”.  Schweet, huh?

The Animal Services Center in Craven Co appears to provide killing as its main service:

The county’s animal control shelter euthanizes 87 percent of its dogs and 94 percent of its cats. Thousands of animals pass through the shelter each year.

Unbelievably, with those kill stats, the shelter has been charging a $20 pull fee to non-profit groups trying to rescue pets from death row.  Ms. Sisk has put an end to that and rescues can now pull pets without being charged.  In addition, she has some straight talk for pet owners in Craven Co:

Sisk encourages community residents to not rely on county animal control to find a new home for pets they can no longer keep.

“Don’t think they’re going to rescue it,” Sisk said at the open commissioners meeting. “It’s going to go in the front door, be euthanized and out the back door.”

Is that ok with Craven Co taxpayers?

One thought on “One Small Step: NC Shelter Becomes More Rescue Friendly

  1. It may not be okay, but at least it’s honest! It’s a start. But Ms. Sisk has more work than she can possibly handle unless she can figure out how to take the top of the current AC Management with her when she leaves office. Cuz that’s where the trouble lies, and they’ll likely happily out-wait her and resume business as usual as soon as she’s gone.

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