How Not to Keep a Pack of Hounds

Dorchester County Animal Control in SC received a complaint and visited a home to follow up on October 22.  They found 10 dead hounds and 31 live ones standing ankle deep in feces in a pen.  The dogs were seized and 2 of the 3 owners were cited for neglect.  The hounds are being cared for by the Summerville SPCA.  Most of the hounds are heartworm positive and some are being treated for ear and eye infections.  They need good food to restore them to proper weight and the SPCA is asking for foster homes.

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  1. That is a heartbreaking photo.

  2. Well here is your chance to foster a shelter pet!

  3. Kristy

     /  October 31, 2010

    Heart breaking…every time. Why doesn’t society recognize these actions as the big red warning signs they are? To do this to an animal is despicable. You are the worst kind of human being. Seek help.



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