The Audacity of Hope

It’s National Animal Shelter Reform Week.  These dogs are at my local “We kill our friend every day” shelter.  I want to effect change for them.  Why are you working towards reform?

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. ~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama

5 thoughts on “The Audacity of Hope

  1. I hate to hear anything about killing in any shelter,
    but one thing for sure, i would rather hear that than some idiot beating or burning or starving ANY

    1. Well thankfully, we don’t have to choose. Although we don’t have as much control over the actions of deviant individuals who might abuse an animal, we CAN exert some effort to control how our taxes are spent in public shelters by standing up for no kill.

  2. I check your site daily – you seem to be working more lately? Just want to say thank you.

    Work I do is with feral cats at the moment in my life – spaying/neutering and some re-homing…

    Hope to do more always…those photos are heart-breaking and the reason we all do what we do….

  3. This sure brings it home, doesn’t it? Hard to talk about principles, theories and ideas when you have little faces to look at who pay the price for our self-centeredness and unwillingness to work together.

    1. I was thinking just this morning, Thomas, that if I could get this city’s mayor and city administrator to go to the “shelter” for which they are responsible to participate in killing an animal, perhaps they would decide the killing must stop. They have given the shelter director (a vet) free reign and presume she does no harm. I think if they had a hands on experience, and saw the face of the animal about to die, perhaps it could serve to motivate them.

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