Friday Feel Good

Would these two dogs – one a Pitbull and the other a Rottweiler mix – be banned in your town? If so, they wouldn’t be able to save any babies from drowning like they did in Australia in 2007.  A 2 year old boy apparently wandered on to a neighbor’s property and into a dam where his family pets saved his life:

The owner of the property had heard a noise about 11am and had run to the dam, which was about 100 m from the house.

The woman found the boy lying on the embankment of the dam covered in mud with the two dogs, usually thought of as aggressive breeds, by his side.

Police said there were drag marks from the waters edge to where the boy was lying and small scratches on his arms from the dog’s claws.

“We are certain the dogs pulled him out of the dam,” a police spokesman said.

“It is an amazing story.”

“Usually thought of as aggressive breeds” – tuh!  Maybe by dumb grown-ups but certainly not by saved babies.  I imagine the tot’s parents weren’t too displeased with their dogs either.  The dogs received a special award from the RSPCA for their heroism in 2008.

2 thoughts on “Friday Feel Good

  1. Conveniently enough, this incident occurred in Queensland, which at the time was the only area in Australia that did not have BSL. This incident happened only 13 months before the legislation was enacted. December 2007-January 2009.

    The dogs must be speutered, muzzled, restrained by a person over the age of 18 or contained by a fence on the owner’s property. Oh, and of course contain warning signs about the vicious dog(s) contained therein.

  2. Thank God those dogs were around otherwise the little boy would be dead. These dogs are not vicious. It is the owners that make them so. If you train them right they are loving and caring animals. I have a rottie and she is the most gentle animal you could meet, she thinks she is a lap dog. Shame on the breeders to train these animals for fighting and killing. Throw the owners into the ring and lets see what happens.

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