UPDATED: Sign Petition for Change at NC Shelter

Demand accountability and transparency from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control in NC.  Tell the community leaders that business-as-usual at the shelter is not acceptable.  We want change.

Thank you Stephanie Feldstein for helping spread awareness on the abuse at CMPD-ACC.

Update, November 23:  There has been some action on the abuse at the shelter.  Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon contacted me about the matter and advised he has requested “swift action”.  In response to the e-mails generated by the change.org petition, city officials are asking for answers and the police chief issued a memo regarding the situation yesterday with a formal response still to come.  The local news reported on the latest developments last night.

Let’s keep the petition going and getting e-mails sent to ensure there is follow through and not just a stop-filling-up-our-inboxes memo.  Sign if you haven’t already and share with your animal loving friends.  We’re making a difference!

10 thoughts on “UPDATED: Sign Petition for Change at NC Shelter

    1. While I would be delighted to accept an offer of a paying job that sent me around the country visiting animal shelters, that offer hasn’t come in yet. As such, I rely upon media outlets and other eyewitness accounts for information on shelters outside my area. Such is the case here.

  1. Please, don´t kill those innocent souls, they are our best friends! We shouldn´t kill friends, shouldn´t we?

  2. So from your reply; you know nothing about what this shelter provides for the community such as free spay/neuter, rabies shots, off site adoption etc. You find it best just to start a petition based on one bad situation and assume that the glove fits? How about the people that started this? Ever wonder if they disgruntle? Just my two cents….no need to reply….obviously your best work is done behind a computer

    1. From your comment, you know nothing about the several posts I’ve put up on this shelter nor the research behind them. But yeah, my best work is done behind a computer. Got the attention of some people who can make changes which is a lot better for the pets in that shelter than what they had before.

  3. Pls reform the shelters in N.C. Our animals deserve a second chance and to be given every oppty available for adoption. We spend our money on other useless things but let’s put the $ where it does the most good. Let our animals live!

  4. I would hardly characterize this as one bad situation. This type of behavior takes place in a culture which says that the behavior is permissible; one in which there is no clear accountability. I could give two dog biscuits how well the shelter does in regard to programs or projects which are more visible to the public. What takes place behind closed doors – and what cannot be explained through accurate record keeping – is a clear sign to me about what’s really going on. I don’t expect Shirley or any other animal advocate blogger to go to every place about which she writes. That’s just ridiculous.

    Thanks for sharing this. To me, this is like the Abu Ghraib of sheltering: the pictures speak a thousand words.

    If any of you who posted here in defense of this shelter have specific examples to provide of what goes on there which is good, progressive and compassionate and which you think might give others a clearer idea of the true culture of the shelter, bring it on. I’d be happy to read what you write in defense of the operation if you think it has been cast in a false light.

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