Black Friday

Well I certainly hope we are not going to become THAT HOUSE where people take unwanted pets (we don’t get any funding from the county, yo) but someone on our street drove up with a little black puppy for us today because she was stray and they didn’t want her to get hurt and weren’t sure what to do with her.  She is petrified and piddling but extremely cute with a little foxy face.  She appears to be healthy and I would guess she’s about 6 weeks old.

As we already have Linus who needs to be separated from some of the pack (due to aggression) and Randi who is being isolated (due to recent surgery), I had to improvise for an area for foxypup.  I x-penned off a large area with papers, blankie and food but so far she hasn’t moved from the place we sat her down.  Petrified.  And piddling.

I wish I had some spare vaccines and puppy wormer on hand but I don’t.  These things never happen at times of convenience doncha know.  I’ve got an e-mail in to APL to see if/when they might have an opening.  In the meantime, we’ll try to convey to foxypup that human beings and other dogs are not as horrible as she might think.  And I’ll be praying the neighbors don’t come back tomorrow with 5 more like her.

8 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Dang, I just donated some vaccines to a local rescue, wish you were closer! (And I’ve got wormer in bulk that I’d be happy to share…this little one wouldn’t need much.)
    I hear the shop-at-home network is really strong, but is it shopping if there are random deliveries?
    Congratulations, and bless you!

  2. She is soooooooo sweet! Wish I could take her!! Robb wont even allow me to look at another puppy…lol…give her a big kiss from Auntie Kym, by the way…you might be another Aunt soon! Chanell and Ziggy had a “Go”. Keep your fingers crossed that we are not prego…then off to the vet we go to get her fixed!

  3. I do believe that Fenbendazole is available in powder/crystal format over the counter at petsmart in the states. It has the beauty of being broad spectrum and requiring about 200X the recommended dose to OD.

    We’ve been using it in puppies for some time, although here in Canada we can’t buy it OTC for dogs (go figure) and I have to buy $100 of liquid suspension meant for goats to get around it. Same stuff, different format, but annoying nonetheless.

    Funny, we brought home a little pooper the same day. A guy found her as a stray, didn’t want to take her to the high kill shelter so we put her on their lost reports and will be keeping her here until we can decide what to do with her. It’s not ideal, but at least here I can promise she won’t be “humanely euthanized” just because she’s frightened.

  4. she is adorable :)

    ” These things never happen at times of convenience doncha know”

    True story. But you gotta love how they work themselves out.

  5. For a few years I lived on a large farm just a couple of easy to drive miles off the freeway. The road near the farm ‘conveniently’ lacked any other houses for the mile or so on each side of the farmhouse

    The combination of ‘easy to get to’ and ‘hard to see’ unfortunately made it an ideal place for irresponsible dolts to drop off unwanted pets.

    Please note: farmers do not have an innate desire to collect huge numbers of obnoxious, untrained dogs and un-neutered cats.

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