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The story of a former soldier, struggling to survive, and the rescue of a shelter dog on the kill list for behavioral issues.  The family that prays together, stays together.  (Thanks Barbara for the link.)


Undercover video exposes neglect at NYC AC & C.  Current staff and volunteers keep their identities hidden while speaking to the local news about conditions at the shelters as AC & C has threatened to fire anyone who speaks out.


Two AKC breeder-judges convicted of animal cruelty in PA have been placed in a program for first-time offenders:

If they successfully complete their 60-day probationary period, they could have their records expunged.


After a prolonged incident in which a dog inflicted severe bite wounds on two people, a SC deputy finally shot the dog to death:

During the incident, the deputy called Spartanburg County Animal Control three times to get help, but said he was refused, according to the report. The deputy said Animal Control told him that the owner had to bring the dog to them and they would not come to the house to assist.

The owner was bleeding profusely from several bites to his face and wrist and so was unable to bring his dog to AC.


Also in SC, a 12 year old Malamute named Teddybear defended his home and family from robbers and was beaten severely for it.  His pelvis was broken in three places and the family opted for a $2500 surgery in hopes of saving his life:

“As a family, we sat down and talked and our kids were very happy to have a very small Christmas, so that we could get Teddybear fixed,” said [owner Lenora] Vickery. “He’s just like one of our children. He’s part of the family and we love him.”

Or a very big Christmas, depending how you look at it.


A PA police officer/firefighter who shot a wild turkey out of season gets suspended, fined and cited for firing a weapon inside city limits.  If only authorities took the shooting of friendly family pets this seriously…  (Thanks Rachel for the link.)


Dainty kittehs drink water daintily.  (Thank you Karen for the link.)

5 thoughts on “Treat on the Internets

  1. see, now THAT seems like a neccessary time to shoot a dog. I feel bad that the officer was put in that situation

    Do you have any more details as to the animal cruelty charges for the AKC judges? The article doesn’t give specifics (i assume some sort of puppy mill situation, since it was originally 60 counts).
    For some reason i was suprised that the woman was 71. And i’m not sure why- most AKC judges (in my experience) are older. Just seems weird to have a senior citizen charged with animal cruelty

  2. Home Insurance should pay for Teddybear’s surgery. After all, they’d be paying a hell of a lot more if he hadn’t been there to put an end to the situation.

    They should step up and do the right thing. As far as this moving into faulty claim territory, the REALLY proper thing to do would be to simply agree to pay all his medical bills and then slap a gag order on the settlement. Everyone involved knows you did the right thing, and that’s what matters, right?

    As for the attacking pit bull… last thing I wanted to read today.

    Regarding the AKC judges, have their AKC kennel and judging rights been revoked? Because now would be a great time to stand up for something – particularly this No-Brainer.

  3. And, today’s news in S’burg County. Deputy shoots another dog. Seems 2 loose dogs jumped a third. Deputy puts 2 into his car to find owner(s). When deputy locates 1 owner, opens car door ,dogs jump out, one attacks the other. Deputy shoots.
    Sorry, I don’t have the link.

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