Online Vendor Recommendations?

Do you have any favorite online vendors?  It could be anything from a pet supply business to a company that sells ingredients you buy to make food or treats for your pets.  Please share the name of the company, their website, and what it is you like about them (good customer service, low prices, free shipping, etc.).

It would be ideal if we could all buy everything we want and need from our local Mom & Pop store but there are some things – and depending on your area, perhaps lots of things – you just can’t get locally.

For myself, I used to be able to buy dog pantry staples such as unsweetened coconut, blackstrap molasses and raw wheat germ at my regular grocery stores.  All three have disappeared this year and so I’ve been prowling the net for bargains.  And I am apparently in the market for puppy vaccines as well…

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  1. I’m a huge fan of KVSupply. Good prices, free shipping (over $50) and they carry a wide range of quality supplements, toys, tools, vaccines, medications and cleaning supplies.

    LDSLeather carries gorgeous, high-quality custom leashes and collars. I have 10-year old leashes from them and they’re still my favorites.

    *If* you want a quality electronic training collar
    (and you shouldn’t use any other kind) GunDogSupply has the best selection, the absolute best customer service and a huge library of free information on tools, methods and more.

  2. Hello! I’m a newbie here, but I’ve been reading your blog for some time (thank you for all the info!).
    I like KV Supply ( for raw hides, toys, etc. They carry vaccines and medical supplies, too. They are cheaper than most and ships most of items for free. I’ve never had any trouble with them.
    As for the cooking ingredients (I cook for my dogs, too), I just go to local WholeFoods…
    Hope it helps.

    1. My last tags were real pretty colored ones with laser printing. One year later the flyweight aluminum gets banged up, the color rubs off and the printing is barely readable now.

      Are these Boomerang ones easier to read or hold up longer?

      1. I use the flat ID tag that you slip over the collar. I love that tag, the letters are large and easy to read and you get a lot of lines of text. Not scratched up yet and we’ve had it for a few years now.

  3. I second, but Drs. Foster & Smith ( have been a godsend for my dog with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. They carry an affordable generic version of the pancreatic enzyme supplement that he needs to digest his food. Price of that stuff just keeps going up & up, and having a generic available really helped me out. They’ve also been good in the customer service department.

    J&J Dog Supplies ( is a good source for nice leather leashes at good prices, among other things. I’ve always had good service from them.

  4. Chicken treats, made in the USA, and other high quality dog treats, interactive toys, and products you don’t normally see in the pet stores. The owner, Sarah, is thoroughly knowledeable about all of the products, prompt on answering questions, and the shipping is fast. All the profits are donated to non-profit dog rescues. When you check out there is a list from which you pick the rescue you want the profit from your sale to go to.

  5. Others have hit some of my faves.

    If you like to make your own gear, I’ve been a customer of Kay’s since their very first ad in Backpacker magazine, long before the interwebz:

    Hands-down the best customer service ever.

    But for fancy gorgeous webbing and super-sexy solid brass hardware, metal side-release buckles, etc., I love:

    1. Strapworks – what a fun site! Never even thought about making my own leashes and collars. Thanks for posting this great idea.

      So tired of paying high prices for run-of-the-mill stuff online. And Petsmart has gone to pretty little princess stuff for little Muffie. Nice if your real girlie and like pink ponies.

      And the price tag at pet stores now, wow!

  6. for raw food for premium commercial food at excellent prices with great customer service — great prices on dog and cat supplies and meds, though their customer service has deteriorated as of late

  7. For Minnesotans and close neighbors, Duffy’s Pet Food Delivery is wonderful. They sell only high quality food and treats. I never have had to worry at all during the many repetitive food poisonings and industry recalls.

    They offer a substantial discount for rescuers. Give them my name and you’ll qualify easily!

    Check out Fromm’s Family Foods. No garbage, no ground up dead animal parts, no junky fillers. Made by a family of little elves in a tree somewhere in Wisconsin. Really high quality food.

    The best part? They deliver it to my door at less cost to me than buying premium food at Petsmart or Petco. For you guys in the sun belt this is a real treat in the middle of a Minnesota winter!

    Website =
    Phone (Twin Cities Metro) = 952-890-7850
    Outlying Area = 866-551-2433 (toll free)

    Say hi to Mike and the family for me!

      1. I’m referring to “rendered” shelter kills and road kills: Mush made out of poisoned pets and day-old carcasses made into dog and cat food. Should have been more explicit. Too many food manufacturers use that and it should be illegal. I’m hoping the reasons are obvious.

      2. there was a discussion of this very subject right here on this blog, and no one produced any evidence that shelter/road kills end up in pet food.

        Did you know that PEOPLE eat road kill? In my state, carcasses of game animals are collected and, after donated butchering, given to food shelters.

  8. Flint River Ranch kibble. My dog looks amazing on the Fish and Chips kibble, the vet says she’s in excellent health and has the blood work to prove it, and they can set up you for auto-ship.

  9. I tend to go to Jeffers a lot since they’re in my state and have great prices. When our firm bought 100 cot type beds for the local shelter, they gave me a reduced rate and my shipping was free.

    I’m also a fan of Foster & Smith. I have an ortho bed I got from them for one of our dogs years ago and it is still being used with another dog. Top notch quality.

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