Less Killing, Tastes Great

You might recall the video of Susan Boyer, an employee at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg AC & C shelter, offering her view that killing pets by injection is a “morale booster” for shelter staff vs. killing them via the gas chamber.

Today, I came across a different view from Tommy Morson, the AC director in Tuscumbia, AL.  He contends that gassing pets to death is A-OK and “not as painful as the emotional toil it takes on shelter technicians who euthanize the animals by injection”.  He goes on to explain:

[W]hen that animal leaves here, it is dead. The shelter technicians have to live with it and it’s tough on them. When they euthanize by injection, the animal dies in their arms. They have bonded with those animals. When they put it in the chamber, it’s out of sight, out of mind. When they go back 30 minutes later, it’s dead.

Out of sight, out of mind.  Is that the attitude we want in our public servants paid to care for homeless pets?  Heaven forfend they should touch the animals while killing them, because you know, needless killing is “tough on them”.  (I imagine it’s no picnic for the friendly pets being killed either.)

Mr. Morson is also president of the Southeast Animal Control Officers Association which covers nine states.  I wonder if he, or anyone in his organization, is aware that the National Animal Control Association condemns the use of the gas chamber.  Maybe his group has gone rogue, I don’t know.

“The gas chamber is still a legal method of euthanasia and as long as it is, we will use it,” said Morson[.]

Way to stay loyal to The Before Time.

In any case, some might find it interesting to debate whether needless killing of shelter pets by injection is a “morale booster” as Ms. Boyer contends or if needless killing by gassing is as easy as making a baked potato in the microwave – you just push the button, go back in 30 minutes and voila!  But it occurs to me that we are overlooking the obvious here:  Animal shelters do not need to kill healthy/treatable pets because there are enough homes for all of them.

What if we quit spending our time arguing about which kill method makes for the cheeriest staff and considered how great shelter workers would feel if they didn’t have to needlessly kill any pets?  Why not redirect our time and money toward saving lives instead of needlessly ending them?  Happy staff, happy shelter pets, happy adopters.

10 thoughts on “Less Killing, Tastes Great

  1. T h a n k y o u Y e s B i s c u i t ! Voice of reason in an increasingly non-reasoning world. “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  2. The state regulations require that the person operating the chamber remain present. You’re not supposed to box and go just to make it easier to handle. I’ve talked to the man who runs the Cullman County shelter which uses gas and he told me the same thing; it’s easier for his staff. He also tried to say that it was cheaper, as if that should matter at all.

    I applaud the people in parts of Alabama (like Cullman County) who are trying to stop gassing. I do wish they would use this time to also expose the myth of overpopulation while people are paying attention. Each time I read an article in which “euthanasia” is described by those advocates as some unavoidable, sad reality, I just cringe. Don’t forgive or help sugarcoat the process because another method is used. I understand picking your battles but I find that this type of word choice sends mixed messages.

  3. Those operating gas chambers commonly leave the premises while the animals are being killed. Why? So as not to hear their desperate cries and efforts to escape. Before the chamber in Liberty County, GA was dismantled after Amazing Grace survived a 30+ minute gassing during which she witnessed the deaths of the other dogs in the chamber with her and emerged covered in their bodily fluids, the ACOs used to leave the building to go to lunch while they gassed:

    Other witnesses tell of similar horrors. It is by no means “humane”.

    There is no excuse for shelter killing in this day and age, and there is doubly no excuse for killing by gas chamber.

    The GA ban (Grace’s Law) goes into effect at the end of this month, and the GADOA recently sent out a letter reminding all GA shelters of that fact, and of the mandatory microchip scanning law.

    1. Or sterilize the irresponsible people who do not spay and neuter their pets and let them wander to breed or get lost.

  4. take responsability for your actions , killing them is not reversible. if they are being killed. You need to feel their anguish. pain despair, desparation. get ajob that does not abuse and terrorises animals. their are plenty of options. I SHOULD KNOW. single mother of two teens paying school tuition, no child support. YOU ARE PAID KILLERS!

  5. This is disturbing on many levels-especially “the out of sight out mind” thinking. What if this was applied to the elderly or foster kids. Seriously, where is the human decency.

  6. It may be “easier” for the staff but it is HELL to each and every animal who has to DIE in that Godforsaken Gas chamber.

  7. I’m actually feeling physically sick at having read this – I forced myself. I voted against killing. I can hardly believe this happens in this day and age. Shame on those who do this.

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