Shelter Pet of the Day

Submitted by reader Daniela:

His name is Kong. He was found in a feral cat colony – the other cats
were picking on him and he was in bad shape. Pets Alive in Middletown
NY took him in and helped him get better. He did lose one eye and is
FIV positive. When he first came to the shelter he was unsure and
didn’t come out to say hello. You could pet him, but you could tell
he preferred you admire him from afar. For various reasons I didn’t
get to go to the shelter for months and I finally managed to get
there in December. The turnaround was amazing! He ran to greet me
when I came in the door. He then flopped down at my feet so I would
have an easier time petting him. When I went to go say hi to the
other kitties he would follow me and rub up against my legs to let me
know I am looking at the wrong cat – he is right here waiting to be
loved! I could hardly believe this was the same cat I had seen a few
months ago. He is now a lap cat and is ready for that special someone
who is willing to deal with his special needs.

Pets Alive

363 Derby Road

Middletown, NY 10940


4 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. I submitted Kong and I have to admit that if I wasn’t full myself I would love to bring this little guy home. He had a rough life and you couldn’t blame him if he just shut down but he is so friendly and happy now. He is a little lovebug who just wants a family of his own. I am hoping this posting will help him accomplish that.


  2. I’d like to add that we call him “Uncle Kong” around here. Whenever we get in a scared cat,or some new kittens, Kong is right thereto take them in under his wing. They all look up to him. He is a wonderful cat.

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