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    1. I’ll be honest LynnO – I’d love to be able to provide a follow-up for every single post, including these Shelter Pet of the Day posts, but it’s not realistic. Unless all y’all want to buy my groceries and get my car repaired and such. In which case, I’d really enjoy trawling the net for follow-ups. Really!

      1. Well, if I could buy your groceries I would…but I don’t think you want me fixing your car. How about if we request politely that those who submit the listing maybe give us a bit of follow-up?! (After all, I’m thinking they have the most vested interest.)
        That’s one thing about our local Animal Control. There’s hardly ever ANY news about what happened. Sometimes there’s a notice that the shelter is full, or that there is one (or a dozen) really nice animals available. But then no follow-up.
        Of course, I don’t have the stomach to follow-up on a lot of it, because, well, animals die. Thank you for this new feature!

  1. Great photo and I too think you should ask the people that sent you the pet’s pic and info for a follow up if they can. I know that many kill shelters will not really give you an answer on what happened to the animal.

  2. Isn’t Mia a great photographer? She’s a huge asset and does LOTS of work with several shelters in addition to fostering dogs herself. She photographs for the rescue I got Wyatt from and she does such great work.

  3. After a long wait, Ruby has finally been adopted, and what an adoption it is. She is reportedly settling into her new home well. She has been reunited with her brother Sam, who was adopted into this home months ago. They apparently recognize each other: “Ruby and
    her brother Sam very apparently DO recognize each other: there are
    seven dogs here, and all but two are about the same size, however,
    Ruby immediately went to Sam first, then she sniffed around the room
    at everyone else, then back to Sam, where they have been playing, just
    the two of them, pretty much nonstop. From objectively observing them,
    I do believe that a reasonable person would conclude they remember
    each other.”

    BTW, one of those “other dogs” happens to be a living legend–none other than Amazing Grace.

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