Who Killed the AL Dogs at Lincoln Co Animal Services?

When HSUS took 44 dogs from their owner in AL last month, they dropped 10 of them at Lincoln Co Animal Services – a gassing shelter in NC.  The shelter killed 4 of the dogs – reports differ on whether the dogs were killed for being sick, aggressive, or both.  No information is known on what, if any, veterinary care or behavioral rehab was sought for the dogs before they were killed but the amount of time they lived in NC appears to have been short.  Although many details remain unknown, we do know that according to the state inspection report from December 17, staff members who were not certified as euthanasia technicians were killing pets at the shelter.

Part of the state's failed inspection report for Lincoln Co Animal Services - a shelter partner of HSUS

The dates here are significant:  December 15 is the date the local paper ran their expose on rampant mismanagement and possible violations of state law at the shelter.  Less than 24 hours later, the Animal Services Supervisor resigned.  The shelter manager was suspended around this same time and the local paper reported it on December 17.  Also on December 17, the 6 AL dogs still alive were transferred, at the request of HSUS, to shelters in Charlotte.

Were the 4 dogs that HSUS “rescued” from AL and left at Lincoln Co killed in the gas chamber or by injection?  By someone not certified as a euthanasia technician?  Were the dogs given appropriate medical and/or behavioral care and an opportunity to heal before they were killed?  So many unanswered questions and still no meaningful answers from HSUS.  I’ll be staying on this story.  In case anyone was in doubt on that.

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  2. Yes PLEASE stay on the trail and find out what is happening to those doggies…the whole case is sounding stranger and stranger the onlyger it goes on and the lack of response (or even apparanet caring) on the side of HSUS has me baffled and downright angry!

    I am still wondering what the “hoarder” thinks about all this…but, of course, since we don’t know WHO it is we can’t find out! I think they would have more info to help us know EXACTLY how many dogs there were and the HSUS should be willing to tell us where each and every dog is!

  3. I don’t know why it is not more appalling to the public that H$U$ considers it a RESCUE operation to remove dogs (admittedly from an owner that was overwhelmed) from the owner and then dispense them willy, nilly with no aparent oversight allowing the rescued dogs to be murdered!!! why are we letting H$U$ getting away with saying they acted in the best interest of the dogs by removing them – only to allow them to be murdered – and PTS is just to politically correct and does not IMHO reflect what happened – you remove a dog – even one with problems from the only home its ever known if it is assessed and deemed not adoptable – then put the dog down before it is scared to death by being shiped removed from its pack and friends and then warehoused all in the name of saving the dog???? How in the hell does the H$U$ sell this crap??? Not all dogs can be saved – but they deserve more than what this bunch aparently got –

    To me having the H$U$ and rescue in the same sentence is a laughable concept!

    I feel so bad for these dogs and their continued shuffling in H$U$’s shell game.

  4. Maybe I have a suspicious nature, but the dates here are too coincidental.

    On Dec. 17th the State inspected this facility and failed it for improper use of the gas chamber. That same day they stopped using the gas chamber, I presume because of the failed inspection. And on that very same day they sent the AL dogs they had not killed yet to other shelters.

    The original HSUS communication on this said, “ As a precaution, when allegations of wrongdoing at the shelter surfaced, the remaining six dogs were moved to other shelters in North Carolina”. That does not say HSUS requested they be moved – just says they were moved. I see now on the HSUS site it says “we swiftly removed any remaining dogs” but that’s not what the original response said.

    I wonder what method of killing they had available on Dec. 17th after the State cited them for improper use of the gas chamber. If they could not continue to use the gas chamber and had no other method available, they would have to send animals elsewhere.
    I Wonder if other animals in addition to the AL dogs were also transferred out.

    It could be that the AL dogs (and others?) only survived their trip to LCAS because the State inspection brought the killing there to a temporary halt.

    1. Lincoln Animal Control had been embroiled in all kinds of problems for months. Illegal killing, seizures of animals, killing of hogs, throwing people in jail with unsubstantiated charges. Thankfully, Ken Fortenberry with News at Norman..devoted some time to investigate Animal Control. The county and many others had been aware of the situation in Lincoln for a very long time when HSUS opted to dump the dogs at such a high kill dog pound. (apparently a common practice) If you are a shelter partner it does not matter how you kill or how high kill of a place you are. They like to give even the worst of dog pounds “Good Press”. NC AG was forced to do something due to the stories Ken Fortenberry wrote. (Thank goodness a local reporter did such a good job)

      On the 17th of December the inspector reported they stopped using the gas chamber. My personal take…until The shelter director and kennel manager were out they were still gassing like gangbusters. No other animals were transferred out. Just the Alabama 6. Hsus should be ashamed to then send the two on to another high kill Animal Control in Charlotte. Seems like a heartless thing to do. Makes me think they are not concerned about the dogs they “save”. DISGUSTING! They started injecting the animals. It was the press and outrage that embarrassed the HSUS into moving the dogs. They did not at all follow up on any of the dogs they dumped at Lincoln. Could be a common practice for them to dump and run. Just my opinion on HSUS.

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