Shelter Pet of the Day

Submitted by reader Linda who volunteers at the rescue Buster currently calls home.  She writes:

Buster first made his appearance in a multi-story parking lot for a local business, where he kept trying to get into people’s cars. He was so friendly that one of the employees finally decided to take him home.

Although Buster loves people and is a devoted lap cat, he does not do well with other cats at feeding times. However, as you can see in the photo, he has a girlfriend (Juliet).

Also, although he’s in excellent health, he has tested FIV positive. This will probably not affect how long he lives, or his quality of life. He’s been in perfect health since we accepted him last June. A good article about FIV and cats is here.

To meet Buster, send e-mail to or call 214-356-9126.

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