Update on the Alabama 44

I have a few tidbits of news to share on the Alabama 44.

First I’d like to thank one of my readers, Samantha Laine, for donating her behavioral consultation services to the Humane Society of Etowah Co in AL for the 2 dogs they got from HSUS.  The dogs have had some difficulty socializing even though the shelter staff has been giving them special attention.  Samantha offered her services so that hopefully the dogs can continue to make progress at the shelter.  The better socialized the dogs are, the better for their mental health and the better their chances at being adopted.  Thank you to anyone else who has donated or is considering donating services, supplies or cash to the 2 groups (below) who could use some assistance with the AL dogs.

There has been a lot of news about Lincoln Co Animal Services (LCAS) lately.  On January 4, the state of NC ordered the shelter to stop using its gas chamber pursuant to the failed inspection on December 17.  The Board of Commissioners will reportedly discuss permanent closure and removal of the gas chamber at the January 24 meeting.  Per the county manager:

[Interim Animal Services Director Ron] Rombs has taken the necessary steps to comply with the suspension order on the CO chamber.  He had discontinued its use on December 17th.

December 17 is the day HSUS asked Charlotte groups to pick up the 6 AL dogs Lincoln had not killed.  Various representatives from HSUS have been tooting the Yay Lincoln Co for getting rid of the gas chamber and we’ll even help them pay to haul it away because we’re just that swell! horn online.  All comments seem to be cut and pasted from this corporate statement, now on the HSUS site.  While I agree it will be welcome news if the Lincoln Co Board votes to dismantle the gas chamber, I would point out that if that happens, 4 dogs that HSUS took from an owner in AL and dropped at LCAS will have the tragic distinction of being among the last of the pets gassed to death there.

Here is the list as it stands today:

Status:  Located (22 dogs)

10 dogs at PAWS Atlanta in GA, all remain in quarantine.  Donations appreciated!

2 dogs at Humane Society of Etowah Co, AL:  Ben and Jeri – both up for adoption.  Donations appreciated!

3 dogs at Bliss Animal Haven in Loganville, GA, all available for adoption

3 dogs at New Leash on Life in Wilson Co, TN, 2 already adopted (see a request from one of the adopters here for tips on socialization) and Sassy (D10-496) who is still available for adoption

4 dogs transferred from Lincoln Co Animal Services in NC to Humane Society of Charlotte.  Chow Phat is available for adoption.  Merry (and her pups, born in foster care) and the other 2 dogs (both males, about 3 years old) will be available for adoption in future.

Status:  Dead (6 dogs)

4 dogs at Lincoln Co Animal Services in NC – Per shelter records, 3 were listed as “sick”.  They were Murray, Harry and dog #38805.  The 4th dog I received no information on via the shelter although Martha Lide, the Assistant Co Manager for Lincoln Co provided this info:

There were 10 dogs from Alabama. Four dogs were sent to the Charlotte Humane Society.  Two dogs were sent to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control. Four dogs were euthanized.   Of the four dogs that were euthanized, one was determined to be sick and aggressive and three were determined to be aggressive.

2 puppies at Humane Society of Etowah Co in AL – The pups were less than 10 weeks old and came in very sick.  Parvo was suspected and both were euthanized.  They were the youngest of the group of 44 and the only 2 who appeared to be sick.

Status:  Unknown (16 dogs)

10 dogs dropped at the Nashville Humane Association in TN.  None listed on their website.  On their FAQ page, they state that pets in their care are killed “only if it is necessary due to illness or behavior problems”.  At least some of the original 44 dogs reportedly had behavioral problems.  I was unable to get any information about the dogs in a phone call.  Follow-up attempts to find out the status on these dogs have been fruitless.

2 dogs transferred from Lincoln Co Animal Services to Charlotte-Mecklenburg shelter.  Their kill rate is about 65%.  Both dogs are listed on Char-Meck’s site – Daisy (ID#A797513) and Markus (A797514) but neither is available for adoption.  They are designated on the website as being kenneled in “DDTF” – Dangerous Dogs Task Force.  I’m not sure what would qualify them as “dangerous dogs” seeing as they were among the 6 LCAS did not kill for being “aggressive”.

1 puppy escaped from her New Leash on Life foster home in TN and hasn’t been found.

3 dogs remain unaccounted for and I’m still looking for them.  HSUS presumably remembers where they dropped them but has declined to say where that was or what the status of the 3 dogs is now. 

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the 3 unaccounted for dogs or the status of any of the “Unknown” dogs, please share.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Alabama 44

  1. From the PAWS Atlanta FB page Friday:
    “Remember the Alabama hoarder dogs?? They are ready to start their new lives! We will be placing 4 or 5 of them on the adoption floor tomorrow!!!! Please come out to meet them! They are still really shy around people they don’t know and they will need their new family to give them lots of time to adjust to home life! They are worth the wait!!”

  2. What a refreshing update when compared with the paper trail from Lincoln Co. And, without follow-up from YB, HSUS would have gotten/taken credit for “saving” all 44 dogs! Truth is, HSUS started the death watch by “helping” in the first place, and now it’s little (often no-kill) rescues like PAWS that are investing the time, money and energy to actually SAVE the animals.
    Well done PAWS Atlanta, keep up the good work!

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