Shelter Pets of the Day

Submitted by reader Daniela:

Chance (left) and Gracie - female cats looking for a loving home.

Bonded pair Gracie and Chance, part of a large group of cats in NY who were kept out of a shelter by dedicated volunteers.  Read their story.

Phone: 518-533-5242

Email: Orange Street Cats’ Volunteers

4 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. I have never met these cats, but I have heard that they are all very sweet and friendly but are on the shy side. Considering that they were living with over 100 other cats in conditions so bad that the city condemned the building it’s amazing that most of them are so friendly. The volunteers did a wonderful job with these cats – all costs are covered either with donations or from the pockets of the volunteers – but they haven’t flinched at the expenses. There is a facebook page that has pictures of the house the cats were living in. If you are in the area and want a cat – or know someone who is please consider one of them. They have kittens through seniors (although most are about 1 -5 years old) and one barn cat. The fosters, and people who report back after adoptions, all say that the cats are friendly but they do need a period of adjustment – they are shy around strangers.


    1. Great news~ especially after reading about the stuff going on in SC it’s always great to hear a happier story during such a sad time!

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