Shelter Pets of the Day

Submitted by Clarice, today’s Shelter Pets are all the dogs in outdoor runs at the Pender Animal Shelter in NC.  They’ve got 40 runs housing 65 – 70 dogs who all need to be adopted, rescued or fostered by January 31 in order for state mandated construction to take place.  Here is their Petfinder list of dogs.  I picked Henry for the photo because he looks like a good boy:

Pender County Animal Shelter
Burgaw, NC
910-259-1349 or

This shelter’s kill rate is extremely low (7 adoptable pets killed out of more than 2800 taken in last year)

5 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. Thanks Clarice –
    there are 26 dogs here – they have about 80 they need to move. We still don’t have photo’s. We have been posting this everywhere we can. The shelter manager hates to euthanize any animal. I wish all ACO’s had some of her heart. I don’t understand what they have to do more important than get PICS and some INFO on the dogs they need stop move available to the public. One of their volunteers is a photographer. This is not well organized.
    Wayne Raynor, the health director, said told the newspaper last week it would be business as usual and only 20 dogs would have to be moved or adopted. They need a reality check.

  2. OH man… If I weren’t in the middle of working on two dogs that fight here, and transport were available, I’d so jump at that little of six pups. *sigh* Guess I’ll spread the word around.

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