Shelter Pet of the Day

Wankini.  Just let me say it again:  Wankini.  How could someone not adopt this dog?

Submitted by reader Tonya who says Wankini was “transferred from the city shelter in 2007.  He loves people & other dogs. He has done great at adoption events at the park. He loves his back scratched. He does great at the groomers too. He is about 7 years old. His only restriction is no cats.”

PAWS for Life Animal Welfare and Protection Society

Pueblo, CO


PAWS for Life is a no kill shelter.


6 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. I can only say it is not his fault. There were dogs there for 14 years. I have been working on this for 2 years. Got everyone out except for wankin and thomasita. Both from 2007.

  2. It is sad that the dog has been there that long – but given the alternative (death) I guess that it is a good thing that the shelter was willing to keep him this long. Now let’s hope someone can step up and free him from his life in a cage.

    It is always sad when animals are stuck in cages for the better part of their life – but given the only other alternative of killing at least they are giving them the gift of life. Maybe not an ideal life but it sure is better than the other alternative.

  3. I wish it were the case, but this is an outside shelter and gravel runs. He is exposed to the elements all year long. If it was a sanctuary like Best Friends I would agree:) Please cross post so we can find him a home!

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